Tuesday 27 September 2022

Jamaican coffee company rolls out new brand targeting millennials

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Salada Foods Jamaica Limited gave shareholders a sneak peek on Wednesday of a new brand of coffee that is meant to tease the taste buds of millennials.

The Mountain Bliss 876 line will be on the shelves in a about a week, said General Manager Dianna Blake-Bennett at Salada’s annual general meeting.

“Our Mountain Peak brands have been around for 50 years and we want to keep those that have been faithful. At the same time, we want to engage with a new demographic or better yet a new group of coffee drinkers and we decided that best way to do that is to launch a new brand,” Blake-Bennett told the Financial Gleaner after the meeting.

The primary target is college students and young professionals who are emergent coffee consumers, but Salada is hoping even its brand-loyal Mountain Peak market will buy the new product.

“It’s really a different consumer base, because there may be older persons who may want to consume the product so that will give us a bigger market share when it comes to the coffee beverage market,” Blake-Bennett said.

Mountain Bliss is being launched after extensive engagement with tertiary-level institutions last year. Salada chairman, Patrick Williams, said the company reached out to students at University of the West Indies, University of Technology Jamaica, Edna Manley College and Caribbean Maritime University.

The trendy new packaging is a clear departure from the decades-old Mountain Peak brand. Mountain Bliss 876 comes in two offerings – Classic and Gold.

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