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ITALY – SIGEP is enriched by a new format: Rimini Coffee Expo

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RIMINI – Coffee is an increasingly important player at SIGEP, thanks to the fact that matching coffee and sweets is increasingly widespread in public venues. So, following the expansion of the expo section and the addition of increasingly qualified events, and thanks to the participation of leading companies and the attention of visitors, 2014 will be the debut year for the new ad hoc expo section, Rimini Coffee Expo.

The exhibition will provide a complete showcase, from plant to the finished product, technology and services, as well as furnishings and decor.

At SIGEP, there will also be the Italian Barista Championship, valid for qualifying the winners to compete on the prestigious international circuits promoted by SCAA and SCAE.

The titles to be won are the CIBC Italian Cafeteria Barista Championship, CILA Italian Latte Art Championship and CICS Italian Coffee in Good Spirits Championship.

The winner of the Italian cafeteria barista Championship will represent Italy at the World Barista Championship at World of Coffee in June at Rimini Fiera.

In fact, in June 2014, Rimini Fiera will host the most important international coffee event organized in Europe by the SCAE, an itinerary appointment that next year will arrive in Italy – precisely in Rimini.

In the context of the World of Coffee, there will also be the World Barista Championship, this year being held in Melbourne at the end of May.


An exceptional acknowledgement, an event that highlights participants´ professional skills and will attract the attention of trade members from all over the world. At the entrance to the South Foyer, an exceptional coffee bar with the world´s great coffee champions at work.

Among the events being staged, one is a really curiosity. After having supported him in his competition at the world championships in Melbourne, SIGEP will once more be alongside Francesco Sanapo responsible for the idea and organizationof Barista & Farmer, the reality show entirely dedicated to coffee and staged in Puerto Rico.

Barista & Farmer enabled Italian baristas and coffee roasters to experience work on a farm producing coffee.

The idea, the result of collaboration between Francesco Sanapo and Rebecca Atienza, owner of the coffee growing company Hacienda San Pedro, enabled the 15 participants to live a farmer´s life to the full, from dawn to dusk, accompanied and taught how to harvest coffee berries.

All those taking part in Barista & Farmer will be at SIGEP 2014 to introduce themselves and publicize the initiative.


Francesco Sanapo

On Saturday 18th January Caffè e dolce tiramisù (Coffee and sweet tiramisù) will be held.

Each contestant must prepare 10 glasses containing Savoiardo sponge fingers soaked with espresso coffee, chosen along with a professional barman, expert in coffee blends.

The glass must also contain a cream made with mascarpone supplied by sponsor company Debic.

All the tasting will be held at 4:00 pm in the Chocolate Hall. To combine with the tiramisù dessert, there and then, the barman must make 10 espresso coffees to serve with them, using the blends selected in the morning for the Queens.

The glasses, cups and coffee will be supplied by Hausbrandt.

This test is valid for the Pastry Queen championship and promoted in collaboration with SCAE – Speciality Coffee Association of Europe. The first three classified will receive prizes for a total of 1,000 euros.

The jury will be formed by high-profile master pastry chefs (Iginio Massari and Sonia Balacchi), as well as exponents of the Italian and foreign trade press.

The SIGEP program also features the ´Affogato al Caffè´ Award, which strengthens the relationship between artisan gelato and espresso coffee, already able to result in participation by leading companies and events of worldwide importance.

The affogato al caffè (known outside Italy simply as Affogato), a classic of Italy´s gelato tradition, is a cup of gelato combined with an espresso.

On Sunday 19th January, the stand of Comprital, platinum sponsor of the Gelato World Cup, will host a contest between ten barmen. They will have at their disposal six cream-based gelato flavours, made by the contestants of the World Gelato Cup, and will use Portioli Torrefazione coffee.

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