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Introducing the XpreSole Panto, the first rainboot made from upcycled coffee grounds

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LOS ANGELES, US – While many shoes currently on the market can boast that they’re made using recycled or sustainable materials, Ccilu®’s all-season footwear, the XpreSole Panto, is the world’s first boot to be made from waste coffee grounds. Now available on Kickstarter, the XpreSole® Panto is the result of a groundbreaking new technology developed by the company through which spent coffee grounds are upcycled into a patented, high-tech footwear material that is used to make the all-occasion boot.

Each pair of XpreSole® Pantos is 100% made from a combination of recycled, eco-friendly materials, and is certified vegan.

Coffee’s hidden environmental cost

Spent coffee grounds represent one of the major sources of greenhouse gases when landfilled, with 25 billion kilograms of coffee waste produced every year and only 4% of spent coffee grounds properly recycled. The advances underpinning XpreSole® Panto have the potential to significantly reduce waste produced by the coffee industry, with each pair recycling 15 cups’ worth of grounds. This upcycling process helps to minimize landfill, as well as reduce CO2 and methane emissions.

XpreSole Panto: Sustainability meets comfort and style

The XpreSole® Panto marries the city rainboot concept with hiking and adventure-seeking durability, having been tested in mud, sleet and snow. Despite being incredibly durable, they’re also much lighter than your average boot—weighing in at only 230 grams.

The outer components are 100% water and dirt proof, and the liner offers incredible comfort while being moisture-wicking, fast-drying and odor-resistant. The boot’s sole is waterproof, responsive, resilient, supportive, and offers a strong grip. Additionally, the boot is uniquely machine washable, surpassing the durability of all other shoes on the market in its ability to sustain in excess of 100 wash cycles.

Wilson Hsu, President and CEO of Ccilu, said: “Our business has been creating sustainable footwear for a decade, and in creating the XpreSole® Panto, we wanted to address a type of waste that’s frequently overlooked, but one that has a significant environmental impact. At the same time, we wanted to create a piece of footwear that’s eminently wearable, and suitable for any number of occasions—whether commuting across town, hitting a hiking trail, or as part of a smart-casual outfit for a night out. The XpreSole® Panto isn’t just a boot—it’s a commitment to reimagining how the industry produces footwear.”


XpreSole Panto: A highly awarded design

Ccilu’s XpreSole® Panto has already taken home a series of prestigious international design awards this year, winning Red Dot’s ‘Best of the Best’, iF Design’s Gold Award, and A’Design’s Silver Award. The product also received an honor from the Taipei International Design Awards at the end of 2020. The series of design awards follows a history of recognition for the brand’s contribution towards design-driven sustainable footwear, with the company winning a total of 12 awards for their products since 2017.

Pricing and Availability The XpreSole® Panto will be available in four colorways in high top and low top models. The range is available on Kickstarter from 15 June, with pledge packages starting at $79.00. The XpreSole® Panto will be available for purchase at, as well as in Ccilu’s flagship stores and other selected retail partners, after the completion of the Kickstarter launch campaign.

About Ccilu

Launched in 2011, Ccilu develops sustainably-sourced, ethically-made footwear with the vision of bringing the world’s first carbon-neutral footwear to market by the end of 2021. The award-winning lifestyle brand is available in more than 40 countries, with 40+ CCILU stores worldwide. The brand focuses on bringing to market shoes that are stylish, light, flexible and instantly comfortable, while ensuring a sustainable footwear production industry for future generations.


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