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Carbon reduction innovation creates new waves in Hawaii coffee industry

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OAHU, Hawaii, US – Women-owned Hawaiian Organic Coffee Company is mixing things up in the Hawaiian organic coffee industry. With an organic coffee bean blend know as Kundalini Coffee, the company drives down coffee bean roasting carbon emissions up to 79%. Julia Yim, co-founder and COO, a graduate of University of Hawaii is contributing to Hawaiian coffee industry shift, leading the new wave in emission free coffee, and financial contribution from coffee bean sales extend the dollars spent on your coffee beyond the cup contributing to environmental causes and animal welfare.

One of the biggest issues on the planet today is carbon emissions, Coffee Universe Org reports the coffee industry contributes greatly to the increase of carbon through its widespread use of drum roasting. Drum roasting is the method by which most coffee roasting is done on the Hawaiian islands, and throughout the USA.

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Currently, coffee drum roasting uses industrial afterburners, the procedure after the coffee is roasted. The afterburn process of traditional drum roasting actually consumes up to five time more gas than the gas that was required to roast the coffee to begin with. This after-burning process is crucial in drum roasting, a roasting method introduced to the USA by Europe in the early 1900s.

Hawaiian Organic Coffee Company disrupts conventional coffee roasting serving the trademarked Kundalini Coffee, a proprietary formula of Organic coffee. The Kundalini Coffee roasting solution uses modern USA innovation of cyclonic air and vacuum induction, creating virtually emission free roasting and eliminating after burning all together from coffee roasting reducing carbon emissions up to 79%.


“The new undercurrent for environmental coffee bean roasting will certainly create a rip in the coffee bean roasting industry as Hawaii knows it,” says, Yim “… And there is going against the carbon reduction current, it’s a planet wide cause that is only going to gather more momentum.” Hawaiian Organic Coffee was established as part of the expanding Kundalini Coffee brand. Kundalini Coffee is a registered trademark organic coffee brand in multiple countries, and the company has worldwide capability with a vendor support network of over 70,000 people in more than 50 countries.

Hawaiian Organic Coffee Company will be making an impact in more ways than just cutting emissions. By its strategy directions, a percentage of all their coffee bean sales goes to animal welfare and environmental charities. Another strategy is to extend the dollars spent on daily coffee to support environmental charities, dollars reach beyond the cup. The woman owned coffee company will be supporting the environment, animals, and directing coffee bean purchases to women owned coffee farms, a normally male-dominated industry.

“I support adding more dynamic to the coffee industry anytime, and moreover, I do find the coffee industry to be discovering more efficiencies through women contributing to the global think tank.” Stated Mr. Roe twice published author, C level management consultant, and the CEO and co-founder of Kundalini Coffee Company. Roe known for disruptive thinking is recognized as CEO mentor to students at top 5 university of world UCL for the MSc Management program, inspiring students to develop dynamic business strategies and establishing a real life start up company.

“Little things like aesthetics and attention to detail all make a stand out difference, and stand our is my 2021 buzz word in this new normal said Roe. “I am an advocate for data driven decisions to identify emerging trends and align companies with strategies to target their end goal. “Women in coffee have certainly added more dynamics at all levels to today’s coffee industry, and not only the coffee industry but to global business in general, I support diversity” said Roe.

The innovative idea of a smokeless coffee bean roasting process not only produces less waste, but a coffee focused flavor. The end result of this process is a less smoke flavor and odor compared with traditional drum roasted coffee. “Emission free coffee bean roasting delivers a big taste difference, we also offer only light roasted coffee avoiding dark roast and carcinogens,” stated co-founder Yim. “I am very pleased to be part of leadership for a Hawaiian company that is a catalyst to a new wave in the emission-free coffee bean roasting for the Hawaiian Islands… I completed high school in Hawaii and later my MS in Tourism and Hotel management at University of Hawaii. The coffee innovations Hawaiian Organic Coffee brings to the islands exposes the opposite too, roasting inefficiency currently creating carbon emissions.”

The specialty organic coffee has been very well-received by Hawaiian businesses committed to reducing carbons and supporting women owned business. The Four Seasons Coffee Shop in Hokulea, located in the Hotel Lobby, is also open to the public, and was the first to serve the smooth health focused organic coffee, as part of Four Seasons green vision and diversity. Kundalini coffee has since expanded to 5 locations in its first month, and anticipates being served in 100 locations across five islands by the years end. The idea of Hawaiian Organic Coffee is not only organic coffee, but a peace of mind to consumers knowing a cup of coffee they purchase is extending their dollars beyond the cup to help the environment.


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