Friday 03 February 2023

International exhibitors: what brings every two year them to HostMilano

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MILAN – It is essentially the international aspect that attracts so many firms to HostMilano. We interviewed them to let them have their say on the International Hospitality Exhibition. And the verdicts, it must be said, are very flattering, and paint a picture of a hugely successful event. One that gets bigger and better from one edition to the next, in terms of size, figures and sheer dynamism. And it is an agile fair with a well-organised exhibition layout.

“Host is simply the best fair: we’ve been coming for years and we get so much out of it – things we’ve never obtained from the other international trade fairs we’ve been to: Milan and Host are a truly positive combination,” says Franco Costa, president of Costa Group, who also sees it as “a great opportunity to meet in a convivial context, but also a place that makes us reflect on the market.”

“An incredible moment in which we introduce ourselves to the world to show what we are capable of with our experience and our know-how. At Host everyone can find us, it’s a showcase we couldn’t possibly fail to attend,” says Marco Casol, general manager of Pregel. HostMilano in three words? “Synergy, innovation and internationalism.”
A big name in the world of coffee is Marcello Arcangeli, head of the Lavazza Training Center, who has this to say about the firm’s presence at HostMilano: “it’s a place where you see innovations, products and product segments especially in the world of vending and Ho.Re.Ca. But it’s also a place where you can connect with others, meet suppliers, potential clients and distributors, and where you come across great innovations and share ideas and visions about the future of Ho.Re.Ca.”

“An event where companies get a chance to present their expertise to a very diverse, very knowledgeable audience,” says Marco Taurian, vice-president of Tecnoarredamenti, who also says the event stands out for its international quality and for the high level of professionalism among those who come to it.

A chance to showcase yourself on an international stage: Federico Malizia, CEO of Ciam tells HostMilano. Who also appreciates the event’s organisation and professionalism, and its clear layout with visitors shown clearly where everything is.

The next edition will be held between the 22 and 26 October 2021. Until then keep following HostMilano at and @HostMilano, #Host2021.

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