Monday 30 January 2023

Expat Roasters leading the way in sustainable coffee packaging

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BALI, Indonesia – Bali based specialty coffee company Expat. Roasters has launched a new packaging range to support their commitment to sustainability and is leading the way in Indonesia by executing strategies like this.

Launched inDecember 2019, Expat. Roasters has swapped out the traditional 1kg plastic foil lined coffee bag to a 2kg reusable tins for the wholesale sector of their business. The pilot program will start within Bali with big plans to roll out across their entire customer database throughout Indonesia in 2020.

“I truly believe it is almost impossible to evolve in business without considering your carbon footprint and the impact on the environment. With any innovation in our business, we look at quality, consistency and the environmental impacts before we go to launch and the new coffee bean packaging for our wholesale coffee customers is something I feel really excited about,” says Expat. Roasters Founder Shae Macnamara.

“The beans will be roasted and packed as per usual in our Bali-based roastery and with each order the driver will swap the tins and replace with new ones. This eliminates all packaging for the customer. The tins have been made with a one-way valve so the quality will not be jeopardised,” added Shae.

According to, Indonesia consumes approximately 282 million kgs of coffee per year. This is broken down into all different forms of packaging from 1kg bags right through to single serves (5g). That’s approximately 1 billion pieces of rubbish from coffee packaging alone.

The 200 gram retail coffee bags have also been replaced with a small aluminium tin with a ‘GOOD COFFEE SWAP’ campaign where once the customer returns the tin for a new one, they receive IDR10k of their next coffee tin purchase.

Other CSR practices within Expat. Roasters include the up-cycle of their leftover brewed coffee turned into soap bars which can be found in their retail outlets in Bali.

Expat. Roasters is continuously working to foster the burgeoning coffee and barista community of Indonesia introducing the culture of making a good brew across, one cup at a time.

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