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Il Polo del Caffè launches new website and an innovative web portal for remote management

Il Polo del Caffè
A screenshot from the new website, now on line

NAPLES, Italy – Il Polo del Caffè, the Neapolitan provider of logistics services announces the launch of its institutional web page and the creation of a revolutionary portal that will give customers the ability to remotely manage the logistics of their green coffee stocks.

The growth path of Il Polo del Caffè does not stop. Fresh from the recent partnership with Vollers Group GmbH, a leading German company operating in many European ports already, the Neapolitan operator confirms its commitment to constantly enhancing the services offered to its customers by investing in communication and transparency.

In fact, the new website is now online from which it is possible to have a tout-court overview of the solutions offered for an effective and efficient logistical management of the green coffee supply chain.

Furthermore, by registering, the user will be able to access the reserved portal from where he/she can directly check the status of his cargo entrusted to Il Polo del Caffè – from boarding in the ports of origin to the landing into the warehouse – and will have the possibility to send requests and instructions to the back-office team.

An online assistance platform so advanced as to provide the real-time situation of stocks represents a brand new concept for the Italian market.

The new site is already available at www.ilpolodelcaffè.it and promises to revolutionize the current logistical management of traders. merchants, importers and roasters who, more and more numerous, appreciate the professionalism and passion with which Il Polo del Caffè carries out their work. , allocating their cargo to the port of Naples.

In recent years, in fact, the Neapolitan port has been the only Italian port hub to record a constant growth in the volume of green coffee imports to the detriment of the traditional destinations of Trieste and Genoa. Suffice it to say that in 2019, the traffic on Naples amounted to over 72 thousand tons of green coffee (source: Istat) of which about half is processed and Custom cleared by Il Polo del Caffè, which directly managed over 2000 containers and moved in own warehouses over 15000 tons of green coffee with an average stock in storage of 4.6 thousand tons.

The company is today the first operator in Campania in the releases of D.C.E. (Common Entry Document, ed.) and the “Nulla Osta Sanitario” document relating to hygienic-sanitary analysis needed for the import into Italy of goods intended for human consumption from non-European countries, such as green coffee.

In addition, it has its own Customs Warehouse license, configuring itself directly as a counterparty to the Customs and Monopoly Agency in the event of customs disputes related to the processes of storage and extraction of goods.

This authorization acts as a protection for its customers.

In less than two years, the Il Polo del Caffè working group has been able to consolidate its role on the national and international scene, quickly becoming a reference point in the sector. But this is “only” the beginning of a long story yet to be written.

Il Polo del Caffè

Il Polo del Caffè was founded in 2018 and specializes in the logistical management of the green coffee supply chain, including warehousing and storage for third parties.

The peculiar location inside the Interporto Campano in Nola allows to exploit its infrastructures and integrated services, such as the high interconnection capacity with the four different modes of transport – road, rail, sea and air – and the proximity to the main Campania ports – Naples and Salerno.

The company is characterized by its ability to offer innovative and cutting-edge solutions to international roasters and traders, such as organic certification as an importer and organic storage and ISO 9001: 2015 certification.

The success achieved over the years has led Il Polo del Caffè to sign a strategic partnership with Vollers Group GmbH, a leading German company in the logistics sector.