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ICO’s Coffee Sessions are back on July 16

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The ICO and the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe UK Chapter (SCAE-UK) Education Coordinators host a series of coffee education events at ICO’s conference facilities in London.

The Coffee Sessions aim to drive interest in coffee quality, to improve standards and to shorten the distance between farmer, roaster, barista and consumer.

These events also provide networking opportunities for professionals and consumers alike – an opportunity for the various disciplines to cross the boundaries to new topics of interest. The event is taking place on 16 July 2015 – 6:30pm – 9:00pm – presented by Konrad Brits & Nadine Rasch.

‘Zero cost Sustainability’ by Konrad Brits, Founder and CEO of Falcon Coffees Limited

Konrad will present the business case for sustainable initiatives in green coffee supply chains that reaches beyond philanthropy and social justice.

He will cover the current supply and demand situation, the recent history of sustainability, and how Falcon Coffees have built business models aimed at addressing the key challenges to these complex problems.

‘Vertical Integration and Sustainability’ by Nadine Rasch, Co-Founder of Third Wave Coffee Source

Nadine will showcase how sustainability is best achieved through a green coffee supply chain that is fully vertically integrated.

She will argue that more value is captured at the beginning of the chain, so that producers have the economic incentives, financial rewards, and technical support needed to produce coffees highly desired by the specialty roasters.

Nadine will also cover sourcing practices at Third Wave Coffee Source, particularly in hard times, such as during the Coffee Leaf Rust Crisis.

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