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ICO – World coffee exports down 1.2% in August

LONDON – World exports of all forms of coffee by exporting countries to all destinations amounted to 8.845.064 bags in August 2014, down 1.2% (-107,391 bags) on year.Exports of Colombian Milds and Other Milds were down 4.8% and 28.4% respectively, while Brazilian Naturals and Robusta reported a 9.6% and a 10% increase.
Shipments during the first eleven month of coffee year 2013/14 (Oct/13 to Aug/14) were 2% down (-2.062.510 bags) to 101,039,957 bags. Colombian Milds and Brazilian Naturals saw a 18.3% and 4.1% increase to 11,150,208 bags and 31,666,789 bags respectively. Exports of Other Milds and Robusta fell to 21,192,991 and 37,029,969 bags, or a 12% and 5.4% decrease year on year.
In the twelve months ending August 2014, world exports reported a 1.7% decrease to 109,487,588 bags. Exports of Arabica totalled 69,175,705 bags, practically unchanged year on year; whereas Robusta exports amounted to 40,311,882 bags down 4.4%.