Friday 01 March 2024

The social media strategy revolution at Ice Cream and Artisan Food Show 2024

Georgia Alston brings her rich experience to the show with tools and insights for social media success

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HARROGATE, UK – Get ready to revolutionise your social media strategy with the Ice Cream and Artisan Food Show 2024, and their special guest speaker, Georgia Alston. Georgia brings her rich experience in the hospitality and ice cream industry to the show, ready to empower you with tools and insights for social media success.

Ice Cream and Artisan Food Show 2024: what you can expect

‘Converting Your Following into Customers’ Workshop

Date: Tuesday, 6th February 2024

Time: 30 Minutes (20-minute workshop + 10-minute Q&A)

Focus: Transform your social media reactions into revenue, with real-life success stories from Pinks Parlour and strategies to build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

‘Plan for Successful Socials’ – Strategy Workshop

Date: Wednesday, 7th February 2024

Time: 30 Minutes (20-minute workshop + 10-minute Q&A)

Insights: Learn to craft a robust and effective social media strategy. Georgia will share her top planning tips to save you time, stress, and money.

Exclusive one-to-one sessions

Dates: Tuesday & Wednesday

Format: 60 mins split into six 10-minute slots

Opportunity: Book a personalised mini coaching session with Georgia. Whether you’re new to social media or seeking advanced growth strategies, this is your chance for tailored advice.

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About Georgia Alston

Georgia Alston is not just an expert in social media; she’s a visionary entrepreneur passionate about sharing her knowledge to help you create the business of your dreams. Her track record of assisting diverse businesses in their growth and development speaks for itself.

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