Wednesday 21 February 2024

Hub Coffee Science. A science lab available to the Host Milano’ s visitors

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MILAN – For the very first time, you will have the chance to visit an actual scientific lab, set up to examine your coffee with state-of- the-art precision equipment.

The cooperation among the International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation – the Centre for Research established by Simonelli Group and the University of Camerino only a year ago – and Fiera Milano made possible this original training opportunity.

A total challenge: taking the scientific world inside a typically commercial event

Hub Coffee Science (pav. 24 stand U56) is a real science lab with leading experts in the field and state-of- the-art equipment supplied by several partners who strongly believed in this project. Partners such as 3Temp, Acaia, Alfatest, Brita, Bunn, Coffee Chemistry, BWT, Gardelli Specialty Coffee, Hario, Ikawa, Marco Beverage, Pentair and Shimadzu.

The Center’s Researchers developed a workshop’s wide program and itinerary, allowing to understand the scientific principles that are the foundations of a good cup of coffee.

A real coffee itinerary

at Hub Coffee Science you will be able to taste different toasting profiles to monitor the effects on the bean chemical composition led by the great expert Joseph A. Rivera (founder and director of

You can roast and grind your coffee depending on the infusion system used to analyze the granulometric distribution and the powder morphology.

You will also have the possibility to compare several grinding alternatives to see the effects on the beverage.

You thereby can make comparisons among the various extractions results made by the brewing champion Rubens Gardelli (Gardelli Specialty Coffee), both from an organoleptic and chemical point of view.

In addition, water will be examined to appreciate the chemical principles behind the coffee extractions.

The Hub Coffee Science is a highly innovative cultural project, capable to provide a notion and knowledge level never seen in fair events before. We are waiting for you!

Hub Coffee Science Workshop Agenda:

Friday October 20th

  • 30am Hub Coffee Science presents “The coffee across the microscope”
  • 30pm Hub Coffee Science in collaboration with Shimadzu presents “The Coffee chemistry read through the Gas chromatograph”

Saturday October 21st

  • 30am Hub Coffee Science in collaboration with Alfatest presents “The relation between the coffee particle distribution and the aroma”
  • 30pm Hub Coffee Science presents “Water and coffee: from a fundamental resource to source of problems”

Sunday October 22nd

  • 30am Hub Coffee Science presents “The effects of frozen coffee on the grinding”
  • 30pm Hub Coffee Science in collaboration with Ikawa presents “The effects of the coffee roasting degree on the granulometry”
  • Monday October 23rd
  • 30am Hub Coffee Science in collaboration with AlfaTest presents “The morphological analysis of the coffee grinded”
  • 30pm Hub Coffee Science presents “The differences between the espresso and the V60 brew systems read through the Gas chromatograph”

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