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How to Watch “Coffees-Italians do it better (?)” online and in Amsterdam

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AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands – During the Amsterdam Coffee Festival there will be the screening of the Italian documentary “Coffees – Italians do it better (?) ” in one of the most famous specialty coffee shop of the Dutch capital city: Screaming Beans

During the days of the Dutch coffee festival in Amsterdam, which will take place from 1st to 3rd March, there will be the screening of the Italian documentary “Coffees – Italians do It Better” that is scheduled at 7p.m. on 1st March 2019.

La Cimbali

Coffees – Italians do it better (?) was the first Italian coffee documentary that showed the Italian specialty coffee world and the arrival of Starbucks Italy recorded in 2016.

The documentary predicted what happened in September 2018, the landing in the city centre of Milan of the American giant coffee company Starbucks with the opening of the Reserve roastery that marks an epochal event that changes and will change the Italian cafeteria world.


Coffees. Italian do it better (?) still today, despite being shot over two years ago, is a current document on the state of the art of specialty coffee in Italy and continues to receive attention and curiosity especially from the specialty coffee foreign community where the “myth” of the “Italian espresso” is still a subject of debate.

The screening of the documentary filmed by Romedia Studio with the guest appeareance of some of the most important Italian coffee-experts will be held in one of the iconic places of the Dutch specialty coffee, the Screaming Beans coffee shop in the heart of the city.

Romedia Studio with Howard Schultz
Romedia Studio with Howard Schultz

The specialty coffee scene in Amsterdam is one of the most important in Europe and Screaming Beans, with its micro roastery, is one of the forefathers of the specialty coffee community of the city.

The screening will be attended by international coffee “guests” belonging to the specialty world with a lot of Italian baristas working in Amsterdam. The organizer has reserved to reveal the names of the exceptional guests who will participate but what is certain is that after the screening there will be a debate on the theme of Italian espresso and specialty coffee scene.

The theme of the emigration of the Italian barista who moves to European capitals such as Amsterdam, London, Madrid to work in specialty coffee shop is a current topic that stimulates an interesting and always controversial debate.

Another theme that will be touched by those present is the now famous definition of “Italian espresso “, so dear to the old Italian coffee industry and considered as a synonym of low quality by most of the international specialty coffee community.

Screaming Beans decided to organize the event as a regular follower of the CoffeeAndLucas Instagram page –, the first Italian Instagram page that speaks in an accessible way about the specialty coffee and filter and which has now become a reference for the sector.

Andrej Godina, president of Umami Area, one of the coffee experts interviewed in the documentary:

Andrej Godina

Although over two years have passed since Romedia Studio launched the documentary on the Italian specialty sector, the movie remains a milestone of what the Italian quality coffee chain represents and of all its critical points. During the shooting of the documentary the landing of the American giant Starbucks in Italy was so far away and now, from September 2018, it became a reality. Surely this is an epochal event for the entire Italian coffee sector that has already brought and will bring a change more significantly, both in terms of consumption habits and in terms of consumer perception of the drink.

Personally I think it is a pity that the main actor who brings a change in Italy is a foreign company but the Italian espresso coffee chain has shown itself, towards the international specialty coffee community, an obsolete sector, rich in ancient tradition that has not been absolutely capable of integrating with today’s changes. The Screaming Beans requested to show“Coffees. Italians do it better (?)” as an out-of-the-box event of the Amsterdam Coffee Festival demonstrates how the theme of the Italian espresso is still able to provoke debate that in most cases is a one-way debate of criticism towards the Italian espresso that still hangs behind a wall made of obsolete tradition and low quality “.

The movie is available at this link:

Screaming Beans
Runstraat 6, 1016 GK Amsterdam, PaesiBassi


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