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Hopwired, Canada’s Festival of Artisan Coffee and Collaboration Beers, turns three

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VANCOUVER, B.C., Canada – Hopwired, Canada’s Festival of Artisan Coffee and Collaboration Beers turns three years old on February 29 2020 at the Croatian Cultural Centre on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. This year the festival invites a whole new roster of breweries and coffee roasters from across Canada and the United States, alongside a roster of espresso machines pouring all day from friends Espressotec, a new coffee-inspired cocktail competition, and a lager bar featuring samples from the award-winning Chuckanut Brewery.

Last year the event saw over 1,000 attendees and around forty-five new beer and coffee collaborations.

The event will also feature a selection of sour and fruit beers to compliment the selection of the fruity coffees and the organization’s sister festival Fruit Beer Fest.

“The festival is much like our Fruit Beer Festival, where we source and partner with some of the most unique coffee roasters and breweries and take on pairing them together to make a unique beer and coffee together.” says Mike Willis, of West Craft.

“The event has spawned around 100 new beers to this date and has helped influence the way people do business, think about the similarities in different beverage communities and the way people look at buying coffee that is ethical and is full of a spectrum of good flavours and good sustainable practices”.

West Craft, the organizer behind the successful Hopwired Festival and Fruit Beer Festival, is promising an all-inclusive beer, cider and kombucha commitment with tickets”. Festival organizers invited newbies House of Funk Brewing, Dwinell Country Ales, Three Magnets Brewing, Nickel Brook Brewing, a farmer and malter called Mecca Grade Estate Malts – and, with the help of friends from Untapped, the legendary Jean-Francois of Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel.

The event also welcomes previous Hopwired winners and runner-ups Temporal Artisan Ales, Canoe Coffee, Blind Enthusiasm Brewing, Transcend Coffee, Backcountry Brewing, Mogiana Coffee, Coal Harbour Brewing, Sacred Acre Coffee, Twin Sails Brewing, Wild Ambition Brewing and many, many more.

Featuring more than twenty-five different beers from over twenty breweries from the Northwest and beyond, the Hopwired Festival is a celebration of the wonderful variety of flavours that coffees and beers offer and the incredible and unique beers that both brewers can make with them. Festivities will kick off on February 29th at 1:00 PM with artisan coffee and craft beer samples available all day until 6:00 PM.

For more information about Hopwired Festival or to purchase tickets for the festival, please visit: www.hopwiredfest.ca

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