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Here is how coffee can best help boost productivity and well-being during the workday

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RIGA, Latvia – It’s no secret that millions of workers around the world rely on coffee for their productivity through the workday. For some people, coffee is an eye-opener in the mornings, for others – more of a social ritual. But how (and why) does the daily cup of joe actually work? And is it really the productivity potion that we think it is? Since this drink seems to be the cornerstone for the way we work, we decided to explore the link between coffee and productivity and set up an experiment.

“To do this, we hooked up our office coffee machine to a wifi-enabled telemetry system that counted the number of coffees made, and at which times of the day,” explainsIeva Sipola, a journalist and content crafter.

“Then we cross-referenced these coffee drinking statistics with data from the productivity software that all of the employees use – DeskTime.”

“The results made many of us wake up and smell the coffee. The telemetry software showed two main spikes of coffee consumption in a day – around 9 am, and then again at 12:30 am. Our team’s DeskTime performance statistics showed that coffee drinking times corresponded to spikes in productivity.”

“However, it turns out that this coffee-induced productivity is short-lived because a drop in performance always happens 2.5 hours after peak coffee consumption. We can conclude that although your cup of Joe initially boosts productivity levels, those levels plummet 2.5 hours later, and go even lower than they were before consuming the beverage.”

“We will continue drinking and loving coffee, even if it helps our productivity only partially.”

But check out this infographic to learn how coffee works and start consuming it in a smarter way that benefits your efficiency and well-being