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With 20/20 Plug&Play La San Marco shifts the boundaries of extraction par excellence

20/20 Plug&Play La San Marco
the new 20/20 Plug&Play La San Marco

MILAN – To allow all coffee lovers and connoisseurs the possibility to try their hand at this extraction par excellence, even when they can’t get to a bar. This is the aim of the new 20/20 Plug&Play, the multi-boiler one-group model by La San Marco. Professional, versatile and easy to handle, the small semi-automatic machine produced by this company in Gradisca d’Isonzo (Gorizia) is the quintessence of precision and sophisticated technology, built into a compact design with a strong personality.

“With 20/20 Plug&Play we broke down the barriers of professional extraction, making it accessible to all. This model is in fact perfect for a range of different uses: not just bars, but also offices, shops, kiosks, small restaurants, B&Bs or even at home,” declares Roberto Nocera, CEO of La San Marco.

The strong points of this model are no doubt its versatility of use, thanks not only to its small size but also the fact that the machine itself is compatible with both ground coffee and Easy Serving Espresso capsules and pods.

Roberto Nocera, CEO at La San Marco

La San Marco 20/20 Plug&Play: Characteristics

20/20 Plug&Play has an internal 5 litre tank that can be manually filled or else connected to the water mains for automatic refilling.

The inclusion of two separate stainless steel boilers ensures utmost precision of coffee extraction at the perfect temperature on one hand, and the constant availability of hot water and steam at much higher temperatures on the other.

La San Marco 20/20 Plug&Play has an internal 5 litre tank

The special brewing spout guarantees excellent coffee with a thick and consistent head. The manual lever-operated steam wand allows the preparation of all milk-based drinks.

The special brewing spout guarantees excellent coffee with a thick and consistent head

The model is part of the namesake 20/20 Collection, designed in collaboration with Bonetto Design, and is available in 10 colours with gloss or metallic finish, including the new versions in pastel green and bronze.

Marco Bonetto in the La San Marco stand at HostMilano

Upon request, the model can be ordered with a chrome-plated finish. It features a modern design display and new five-key backlit fast-response keypad.

The machine is compatible with both ground coffee and Easy Serving Espresso capsules and pods

For more information visit the website www.lasanmarco.com.

La San Marco SpA – www.lasanmarco.com

Founded in Udine in 1920, La San Marco SpA is an Italian company that has contributed to the successful export of the great Italian espresso tradition all over the world, today ranking among the leading manufacturers of coffee machines worldwide.

The company, based in Gradisca d’Isonzo (GO), combines centuries-old tradition and techniques with the most innovative modern-day technology to contribute to the evolution of the entire industry, proposing revolutionary and technologically advanced solutions.

Among these the exclusive patented Leva CLASS© (Controlled Lever Anti-Shock System), specifically developed for traditional lever coffee machines for which La San Marco is internationally recognised as a worldwide industry leader.

Today, La San Marco produces a broad range of professional espresso coffee machines – renowned for their high reliability, exclusive design and quality of the brewed product – capsule coffee machines, grinder-dispensers and other equipment for bars, restaurants and hotels located in more than 120 countries around the world.

The most recent innovations include ACT, SMART, the prestigious Leva Luxury and the revolutionary double-sided V6 machine.

La San Marco V6 was selected to be published within the Adi Design Index 2019