Thursday 18 August 2022

Heavy rainfall may have destroyed 82,000 tonnes of coffee crop in India

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The Union government of India is currently assessing the losses suffered by coffee planters due to the heavy rainfall that battered plantations in Wayanad in Kerala and Kodagu in Karnataka.

A first estimate by the Coffee Board of India pegs losses at around 82,000 tonnes.

According to the Coffee Board, among the southern states of Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the crop loss is highest in Karnataka followed by Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Early estimates show that the loss could be higher for the Robusta crop, since the rainfall was more across plantation areas of this variety.

Officials in the Board have said it would be difficult to achieve the post-blossom forecast of 350,400 MT for 2018-19, unless the upcoming season in December sees a huge spike in cultivation.

The final crop estimate based on crop harvest data for the year 2017-18 is of 316,000 MT, of which 95,000 MT is Arabica and 221,000 MT Robusta.

The Board has recommended to the Centre to consider a special relief package for coffee growers.

A meeting with all the growers’ associations will be called in the second week of September.

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