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Hausbrandt for a new way of doing business, not just at Christmas

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NERVESA DELLA BATTAGLIA, Italy – For Christmas 2019, Hausbrandt – an Italian coffee roaster based in Nervesa della Battaglia (Treviso) – has decided to give each employee a plastic-free thermal bottle to use on any occasion, involving the whole team in its mission, aware of the fact that “Saying goodbye to plastic is hard, but if even the longest journey is made of many small steps, then even small choices, such as this one, can make a difference”.

The European Union produces about 26 million tons of plastic waste per year – only 30 per cent of which is currently recyclable – and between 150 and 500 thousand tons end up in the sea. At this rate, our planet will soon be submerged with plastic, with unimaginable consequences.

For years the Group has been conducting production in an environmentally-friendly perspective: minimizing waste that is difficult to recycle and working every day to improve production methods are the two guidelines with which company processes are managed.

A great little step is the gradual replacement of merchandising and consumer materials with TÜV certified compostable products, easy to recycle and with a very low impact. Hausbrandt coffee stirrers are compostable and certified, packaged only in recyclable paper, plastic glasses have been replaced by compostable ones, take-away cups, currently made from recyclable paper, will soon be compostable, as well as their lids; finally, the take-away cup tray is made from durable recyclable cardboard.

But that is not all. Our commitment continues with constant analysis and interventions to improve our production system. In addition to the ISO 14001 certification, which guarantees the sustainability and correctness of Environmental Management, the Group has chosen to rely on the most important company in the field of catalyst production, the German group ReiCat. Thanks to the cutting-edge KatOx and VitarNOx® technology, Hausbrandt roasting chimneys have now been fitted with catalysts that are capable of completely eliminating fumes and odors, zeroing formaldehyde and NOx emissions, and greatly reducing CO and TOC production.

This allows our company to create quality products that are safe for our customers, but also, most importantly, to produce mindfully, respecting the territory and the environment.

With a view to increasing attention to sustainability and environmental protection, Hausbrandt has for some time been operating with processes aimed at an ethical and sustainable production that minimizes the impact on the ecosystem, supporting this behavior as a real, essential necessity, every day of the year.

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