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Happy Planet launches new Barista Edition and Chocolate Oatmilk

BURNABY, British Columbia, Canada — The progressive and innovative Happy Planet brand is expanding its oatmilk portfolio with a new Barista Edition Oatmilk and Chocolate Oatmilk. This category saw a +425 percent growth from last year and continues to surge in popularity, with over 50 percent of Americans now purchasing dairy-free milk.

The Canadian-based company Happy Planet is on a mission to make the planet happier and its oatmilk offering is just one of the steps it takes to achieve this. Adding to the brand’s existing Original and Vanilla flavors, Barista Edition and Chocolate Oatmilk launch in April 2019 and will be stocked in natural food retailers, cafes and grocery retailers across the USA.


Also launching in April are brand new single-serve size cartons of Happy Planet’s Original, Chocolate and Vanilla Oatmilks, which are school-safe, allergen-friendly and perfect for anyone on the go.

Happy Planet Barista Edition Oatmilk

With its rich and creamy neutral flavor and all the goodness of oatmilk, Happy Planet Barista Edition Oatmilk is ideal for professional baristas and coffee lovers who want to elevate their coffee game at home. Created in partnership with expert baristas to achieve the highest level of taste and performance, the Barista Edition Oatmilk is easy to steam and foams like a dream thanks to Happy Planet’s proprietary oatmilk base and sunflower oil (unlike some brands that use canola oil). Available in a 32 oz. carton, the Barista Edition allows anyone to create tasty drinks and Instagram-worthy latte art in cafes and at home. Like the rest of the Happy Planet Oatmilk range, the Barista edition is NON-GMO verified, gluten free and vegan.

Happy Planet Chocolate Oatmilk

Chocolate milk is still a childhood favorite for many — in fact, 71 percent of the milk served in schools is flavored — and Happy Planet is thrilled to join the game with its Chocolate Oatmilk. With 45 percent less sugar than regular dairy-based chocolate milk, Happy Planet Chocolate Oatmilk is a sweet, allergen-friendly alternative for those looking to quench their sweet tooth without the guilt. Like all Happy Planet varieties, the Chocolate Oatmilk is Non-GMO Verified, vegan-friendly and dairy, soy and gluten-free.