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Gruppo Gimoka GM1: the innovative all-in-one solution enhances drinking experience

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MILAN — The fast-growing café sector is continuously evolving. Consumer tastes and beverage choices increasingly cover a broad spectrum and are extremely varied. They change during the day as consumers move from being more health-conscious to being more focused on conviviality and self-gratification.

The common denominator though is their desire to express a certain lifestyle, while being more aware of quality.

Locations must offer a wider, richer selection of drinks, which until now has often meant adopting several solutions and equipment at the same time – thus entailing higher costs and management issues – but also occupying more space and requiring higher investments.

Gruppo Gimoka addresses these problems by offering the innovative all-in-one GM1 system: a patented professional solution which by using portioned solutions offers an unparalleled assortment of drinks; thus without compromising their quality and ensuring the perfect brew for each one, besides featuring a compact, ergonomic design, many programmable functions and great ease of use and maintenance.

logo GM1
The GM1 logo

GM1 allows you to address fast-changing demand and consumption trends, while containing investments, management costs and the use of precious space.

How does the all-in-one system work?

The brewing unit can accommodate two types of capsules: in addition to the Gimoka Multibeverage capsules for espresso, café crème, Americano, Turkish coffee and instant beverages – requiring high pressure – it also features a capsule-holder for Keurig®* (K-cup®*) compatible capsules for drip coffee and leaf teas, which instead require low brewing pressures and different infusion times and temperatures.

When the capsule-holder is inserted, the GM1 innovative patented technology automatically recognises the menu to be used, thus guaranteeing the correct brewing parameters for the chosen beverage.

Users can easily customise the drink parameters through an intuitive touch-screen interface. Each section can be effortlessly customised in terms of dosage, temperature, pressure and brewing cycle, optimising the drinks that are brewed and enhancing their organoleptic and sensory characteristics.

This ensures an inimitable drinking experience of top-quality drinks.

An example of how new drinking styles can be addressed by the GM1 is that the all-in-one system allows you to propose the Gruppo Gimoka Pure Evasioni range, a selection of novel modern beverages that mix aromas from all over the world in new, surprising sensory profiles – ranging from new interpretations of ginseng, from golden milk to ginger-based beverages and matcha, also including classic and herb teas – brewed from convenient single-pack products.

Among the most interesting programmable features, there is also the possibility of setting the number of brews in order to check the management of the machine and ensure that only capsules supplied by the machine management company are used.

The all-in-one system can also constitute a customised package for operators who wish to promote their brand in their cafés, through a customised software and branding of the GM1, together with the ad hoc development of an appropriate beverage menu.

Now that GM1, the versatile all-in-one system, is finally available for bars and other catering establishments, market changes can be addressed more easily, while keeping an eye on costs and investments.

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