Monday 08 August 2022

BeMyHost: The Magnificent Ten Host Ambassadors for HostMilano 2019

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MILAN — The USA, Canada, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, Australia, Spain and of course Italy. A trip around the world and a glimpse of other countries’ approaches to the sector of Hospitality, Retail and Catering (or HoReCa for short) is brought to us courtesy of Host Ambassadors, whose aim for the 41st editionis is also to further strengthen HostMilano’s position as an international business platform and trendsetter capable of anticipating developments in a world that is changing all the time.

The “magnificent ten”, with their inside view of the world of HoReCa, all operate in a spirit of observation that enables them to pick up on the “strongest” trends in their country and share them with the rest of the world thanks to their big following on social media.

Each of them will take us on a journey of discovery that explores the main sectors covered by the fair, from professional catering and bar and restaurant furnishings to coffee, pastries and gelato, showing us how they view changes in each area in the various parts of the world they are covering, inviting us into their “homes” as it were: which is precisely why they will “Be My Host”.

Three influencers have been selected to cover the Americas. Ayngelina Brogan has one of the largest independent websites in North America that focuses on culinary travel and international recipes.

HostMilano’s “spokesperson” in the USA is Leiti Hsu, a food “connector” who lives between NYC and LA, and works with top chefs, mixologists, restaurateurs and hoteliers from around the world. And the reference point for Latin America is Luciana Bianchi, the ambassador from Brazil, an Italo-Brazilian chef and food writer who is an expert on everything related to South American cuisine.

A view of the Middle East will be provided by Sana Chikhalia, a chef and photographer based in Dubai, while the Far East will be covered by Phoenix Kwok, from China, who not only loves good food, but loves to photograph it too, and Sara Waka, who is from Japan and the author of the Wakapedia lifestyle blog. In Australia, finally, HostMilano’s view of the local market will be provided by Kerri McConnel, who, through her Beer and Croissants blog will tell us all about the world of gastronomy and catering through her own everyday experiences.

Italy will be represented by food writer and food stylist Sara Miletti, and by Laura La Monaca, a Sicilian photographer who explores cultures through food and travel, and whose work has even been published in The New York Times. Doing the honours in Spain is Marta Simonet, co-founder and creative director of the Banquete de Ideas agency, the world’s first digital e-restaurant.

The BeMyHost programme is part of a strategy of partnerships between HostMilano and institutions, associations and experts aimed at giving the event even more of an international flavour.

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