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Gruppo Gimoka enters into sustainability partnership with Australian brand St Remio

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MILAN, Italy – Gruppo Gimoka inaugurates its sustainability strategy by launching St Remio in Europe and America, a brand that is strongly committed to supporting and developing Rwandan coffee growing communities. The coffee sector, which is at the forefront in addressing the challenge of climate and socio-economic changes, will have a future only if it can become increasingly more sustainable and responsible.

Gruppo Gimoka has decided to rise to this challenge, also by focusing on partnerships with dynamic international firms that are committed to adopting a comprehensive environmental sustainability vision.

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The first achievement of this strategy is the partnership entered into with St Remio, the Australian company which distributes capsules that are compatible with the most popular single-serve and coffee bean systems and adopts an environmentally friendly approach, while also respecting the communities where its coffee is produced.

In the past few years, Australian St Remio has become a reference point in premium sustainable coffees.

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The partnership sees Gruppo Gimoka acquiring a stake in St Remio, thus fostering the development of the ethical brand on an international scale.

St Remio stands out for its wide variety of sustainable products

Established in 2015 on the initiative of a young couple who live and work together, Trent Knox and Julia Tink, St Remio stands out for being the only coffee producer that offers a wide variety of sustainable products for a broad spectrum of systems in the Australian market.

Thanks to this choice, in just four years St Remio has managed to spread a culture of ethically produced coffee in ever-widening customer segments having different consumption habits, positioning its products in a large number of Australia’s major supermarket and retail stores.

“Producing a great, premium coffee is essential for our brand, but it is not enough.” says Julia Tink.

“We make sure that our coffee is not only sustainable and ethical, but that we adopt a responsible approach to coffee farmers by funding additional projects at origin. We recognise the importance in providing education and infrastructure at farm level in order to support these communities for generation’s to come.”

All the blends used are UTZ certified

The St Remio range currently includes capsules that are compatible with Nespresso®(*) home machines with single origin blends sourced from Brazil, Colombia and Rwanda; Expressi®, K-Fee® and Caffitaly® compatible capsules in the Supreme, Intense, Strong, Classic, Bold and Rwanda single origin ranges and Lavazza®* A Modo Mio® compatible capsules in the Intense, Classic, Bold and Strong blends, in addition to the Intense, Brazil and Strong whole coffee beans.

A philosophy that the Gruppo Gimoka believes is in line with its commitment to developing an increasingly sustainable business approach and which has led it to enter into a partnership with St Remio by acquiring a stake in the company, thus enhancing further business developments.

Massimo Faravelli, CEO of Gruppo Gimoka, comments on the undertaking as follows:

“St Remio has had a strong impact on the Australian market in a short period of time; we are really happy to strengthen our business relations with the company through this partnership in order to develop and spread St Remio’s ethical message globally.”

The most recent social sustainability initiative funded by St Remio was the inauguration, in June this year, of the first Coffee Cupping Lab in Rwanda, which will allow 150 farmers belonging to the local cooperative of TUK to learn to how to assess the sensory profile of their final products by roasting small quantities of coffee and thus stimulating them to change their cultivation methods as to obtain better quality and sell their beans to the international market at a higher yield.

This year St Remio has purchased an additonal 4 hectares of land for the female farming cooperative of Cocagi in Rwanda, alongside 12,000 new coffee plants and other seedlings to diversify their income.

The St Remio proposal will be officially presented at Host 2019, at Gruppo Gimoka’s stand F57 – E50 in Hall 18.

For more information on St Remio see

About Gruppo Gimoka

Established at the beginning of the 1980s, thanks to the insight of its founder Ivan Padelli, Gruppo Gimoka has quickly become one of the most renowned coffee roasting companies in Italy, in terms of processed green coffee. The Group controls the entire value chain: from raw material supplies to carrying out the delicate roasting and grinding phases, followed by packaging and encapsulation.

The core business is divided into two business units: a ground and grain coffee unit and a single-pack unit. Thus, the company has developed specific skills, both in terms of technology and manufacturing quality, thanks to which it is now a privileged partner in developing private label projects with leading international firms.

Thanks to the know-how it has acquired over the years and large, ongoing investments in its industrial and distribution segments, Gruppo Gimoka is present in the professional sector (Ho.Re.Ca., OCS and Vending) and home sectors, with its own brands and through private Italian and international brands.

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