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Gruppo Cimbali, with its Faema and Slayer brands, is attending the Paris Coffee Show 2021

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PARIS, France – Gruppo Cimbali, a leader in the design and production of professional machines for coffee and fresh milk-based drinks, as well as coffee bar equipment, will take part in the Paris Coffee Show 2021 with products from its brands: Faema and Slayer. Paris Coffee Show, now in its second edition, is the coffee event that brings baristas and roasters to an eco-responsible area in the heart of the French capital. Organized by the Collective Cafè – CFC, the event is divided into 5 large themed areas: from the plantation to espresso, roasting, various coffee experiments, coffee competitions and masterclasses given by national and international experts.

Gruppo Cimbali is participating in the Paris Coffee Show with great enthusiasm

Presenting its brands and their high-end coffee machines: Faema President GTi and Faema E61 Limited Edition 1 Group Anniversary, and, for the first time, Slayer with the innovative Espresso Single Group. A reinvented icon, the GTi version of Faema’s President is a machine with a wide range of customisation options which, thanks to its unique design and impressive technology, lends any space a strong identity, guaranteeing top quality in the cup.

DVG De Vecchi

Thanks to the independent coffee boilers, the President boasts total thermal stability, which is essential for preparing different types of coffee and a variety of recipes. Moreover, 60 years after its launch, the iconic Faema E61 remains one of the best interpreters of signature coffee.

A bar icon since its conception, handed down from generation to generation, on its 60th anniversary the timeless FAEMA is landing in a new environment, the home, maintaining its identity as a professional machine and masterfully adapting to constantly evolving styles, fashions and trends.

La Cimbali

Unlike the original 1961 model, it boasts a patent for regulating coffee temperature. The special single-phase version, suitable for domestic use, is made even more unique by the wooden aesthetic details, such as the coffee lever, perfectly integrated with the steel body of the machine and the distinctive red colour of the backlit panel.

Slayer, another Gruppo Cimbali brand, will also be exhibiting a high-performance machine:

The Espresso Single Group, a must-have for those who want to keep up with the latest coffee trends. Slayer has been handcrafting high-end coffee machines for ten years. Now, with its Slayer Single Group, it is bringing luxury to the art of coffee making: a dream come true for those looking for flavour profiling with the addition of programmable pre-infusion and repeatability functions.

Gruppo Cimbali will also host some important coffee industry brand ambassadors at its stand: Hakim, French Coffee in Good Spirits 2019 champion, and Dimitri Slayer Ambassador France, Barista Hustle coach & coffee Roaster (Oven Heaven Coffee).

The programme of activities is as follows:

  • Saturday 11: Hakim – Coffee mixology – French Coffee in Good Spirits 2019 champion – @hakimbarista
    • Activity: Irish Coffee Masterclass & Signature cocktails
  • Sunday 12: Hakim – Coffee mixology – French Coffee in Good Spirits 2019 champion – @hakimbarista & Dimitri – Slayer Espresso Ambassador – Oven Heaven Roaster – Barista Hustle coach – @dimitrigrodwohl / @ovenheavencoffee
    • Activity: Irish Coffee Masterclass & Signature cocktails
  • Monday 13: Dimitri – Slayer Espresso Ambassador – Oven Heaven Roaster – Barista Hustle coach – @dimitrigrodwohl / @ovenheavencoffee
    • Activity: Slayer Espresso shots

Paris Coffee Show 2021 will be held from Saturday 11 September to Monday 13 September 2021 at Parc Floral DE Paris

You can find Gruppo Cimbali at Hall Pinede 3_ stand B6

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