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Gruppo Cimbali: Faema and Slayer star at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival

Gruppo Cimbali is taking part in the Amsterdam Coffee Festival with products from its Faema and Slayer brands between 31st March – 3rd April .

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BINASCO (Milano) – Gruppo Cimbali, one of the leading manufacturers of professional machines for making coffee and milk-based drinks, as well as coffee shop equipment, is taking part in the Amsterdam Coffee Festival between 31st March – 3rd April with products from its Faema and Slayer brands. This special event, dedicated to every aspect of coffee culture, is aimed at experts, professionals and stakeholders in the sector.

The Festival will also include artisan coffee and food stalls, tasting demonstrations by internationally renowned baristas, interactive workshops, live music, artistic performances and more.

Gruppo Cimbali and its brands

Gruppo Cimbali is taking part in the Amsterdam Coffee Festival with a stand dedicated to Faema (Stand no. G36) with Faema President Gti and Faema’s latest addition, Faemina, the espresso machine designed for the home.

LaCimbali M200, on display with our partner Smit & Dorlas (stand n. G66), is the new protagonist of the high top of the range, with a timeless design, a perfect synthesis of elegance and made in Italy craftsmanship: the best of LaCimbali technology enclosed in a single machine.

LaCimbali M200 (photo credits by Gruppo Cimbali)

The Slayer stand (stand no. G26) with Slayer Espresso Single Group and Slayer Steam LP.

Launched during Milan Design Week and designed by ItalDesign Giugiaro, Faemina is the premium positioning home coffee machine that is also the ideal solution for small businesses such as boutiques, shops, concept stores, bistros and all establishments where the core business is not coffee.


It is a product with an elegant, minimalist design that can be customised to suit the style of the location where it is installed: each customer can choose from a number of different finishes in order to have a unique machine in perfect harmony with their home environment.


Faemina is a machine that offers professional performance guaranteed by Faema’s expertise, allowing consumers to enjoy a superior-quality coffee experience in their own homes: the varied menu ranging from espresso to brewed coffee, cappuccino, infusions and herbal teas thanks to the integrated softening filter is a notable feature.

The machine is accompanied by the new Faema Touch and Match home/prosumer grinder. The grinder features an easy-to-use touch display, manual grind adjustment and extremely quiet grinding. It also allows adjustment in line with the beverages offered by Faemina, so it can grind coffee for both espresso and filter coffee.

Faemina, along with Keen Coffee, will sponsor the Mindful Coffee Tasting Experience, a multi-sensory coffee tasting experience to appreciate coffee in a healthy, mindful manner. This year’s focus is on preparing and tasting filter coffee with Faemina.

The President GTI

The Amsterdam Coffee festival will also showcase the President GTI (sponsor of Latte Art Live), the professional espresso machine with extensive customisation options which, thanks to its unique, high-tech design, gives every space a strong identity, guaranteeing the highest quality in the cup. Thanks to its independent boilers, President boasts total thermal stability.

The new M200 is a perfect example of the company’s commitment to being sustainable in every respect. Through the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), Gruppo Cimbali has assessed the environmental impact associated with the machine by examining its entire life cycle: this has made it possible to identify sustainable solutions, opting for low-impact materials that are more than 80% recyclable and reducing plastic elements.

Moreover, in-house laboratory tests have shown that the new M200 enables significant energy savings in terms of overall consumption in both Ready to Use and Energy Saving modes. In particular, thanks to the introduction of a new independent boiler thermal system, consumption for initial heating, i.e. to bring the machine from cold to Ready to Use mode (to operating temperature), has been dramatically reduced (-40%).

The new M200 also features an Energy Saving mode that reduces machine consumption at times of low productivity – for example, by switching off one or more coffee groups – by almost 50%. The result is a much more efficient product that is an excellent aid for baristas and professionals.

The Slayer Steam LP

The Slayer brand will also have its own exhibition space dedicated to the American brand’s iconic products: from the Espresso Single Group, a must-have for those who want to keep up with new coffee trends, to the Slayer Steam LP, every barista’s dream machine.  The Steam LP provides incredible control and precision thanks to its pressure profile and repeatability functions.

steam lp
The slayer Steam LP (photo credits by Gruppo Cimbali)

The programmable pre-infusion, post-infusion and volumetric output settings ensure a high-quality espresso every time. It is a truly intuitive machine that can automatically record your settings while you make a coffee and repeat the operation throughout the day.

For ten years, Slayer has been handcrafting high-end coffee machines, bringing luxury to the art of coffee: a dream come true for those seeking flavour profiling with the addition of programmable pre-infusion and repeatability functions.

The stand Slayer events

During the festival, the stand Slayer will be animated with several activities and roasters:

  • 31/03, from 10 to 13: “A Matter of Concrete” with Rob clarijs (@amatterofconcrete); from 14:00 to 17:00: Friedhats (@friedhats), Bruegelandson (@bruegelandson) and Back to Black Coffee (@Backtoblackcoffee)
  • 1/04, from 10.00 to 13.00: Fiveways with Ben (@fivewayscoffee); from 10.00 to 13.00: Sasha Stefani (@bugancoffeelab)
  • from 14:00 to 17:00 NUDO Kopi Roaster with Nicolò Zorloni (@nudokopiroasters), Friedhats (@friedhats) and Bruegelandson (@bruegelandson)
  • 2/04, from 10:00 to 13:00: BADETA with Joost (@badetacoffee); from 14:00 to 17:00 Friedhats (@friedhats) and Bruegelandson (@bruegelandson)

Amsterdam Coffee Festival will be held in Westergas, Klönneplein 1, 1014 DD Amsterdam, from 31 March to 2 April 2022.

You can find Gruppo Cimbali at Stands G36, G26 and G66.

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