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Gruppo Cimbali: Faema and Slayer star at London Coffee Festival 2022

Gruppo Cimbali, one of the leading manufacturers of professional coffee machines and equipment, will participate in the London Coffee Festival with its iconic brands Faema and Slayer

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LONDON, UK – London Coffee Festival is back. Taking place between 31st March – 3rd April at The Truman Brewery, the festival brings with it a chance to celebrate all that is coffee in vibrant London and on the international scene.

A special event in which everyone from professional coffee producers to coffee experts and general consumers will be able to participate in tastings, workshops, demonstrations of diverse types of coffee roasting and creations by the best baristas in the world.

Not only that, but participants will also have the opportunity to gather comprehensive information on the latest market trends, products and news.

Gruppo Cimbali, leading manufacturer of professional coffee machines and equipment, is excited to take part in the new edition of the London Coffee Festival, represented by two of its brands with their most high-end coffee machines displayed across three exhibition stands.

There will be a Faema stand (Stand n.G26) dedicated to the professional world with the machines Faema President Gti (official sponsor of the Coffee Masters), Faema E71 Touch and Faema E71E.The stand G27 will be entirely dedicated to the prosumer world. This will be centred around Faemina, the latest addition to Faema: the espresso machine designed for the home environment, and more.

During the festival, the Faema and Faemina stands will be animated by several roasters, including Redemption Roaster, Moon Coffee Roaster, Beans Coffee, Perky Blenders, Caravan Coffee Roasters, 7 Grams as well as Lavazza 1895 for Faema and Caffè Latino for Faemina.

Finally, there will be a stand for Slayer (stand n. HP2B), showing machines Slayer Espresso Single Group, Slayer Steam LP and Slayer Espresso EP. The Slayer stand will also host an interesting list of roasters and distributors, including Obadiah, Watch House and a Matter of Concrete. Check out the programme in the dedicated section below.


Announced during the latest edition of the London Coffee Festival and designed by ItalDesign Giugiaro, Faemina is the premium coffee machine dedicated to the home segment, which is also ideal for small businesses such as boutiques, shops, concept stores, bistros and any other environment that isn’t focused on professional coffee.

Faemina, Classy Satin

With an elegant and minimal design, Faemina is a customizable product designed to match the style of any environment that hosts it. Faemina is available in a range of different finishes such that each customer can have a unique machine that is perfectly in harmony with their home environment.

Besides aesthetics, Faemina guarantees a professional performance worth of the long-standing Faema experience in the sector. Therefore, with Faemina anyone can enjoy a superior coffee experience at home, choosing from a diversified menu that ranges from espresso to brewing, and from cappuccino to infusions and herbal teas made with an integrated softener filter.

With Faemina, the coffee machine is for the first time accompanied by the new Faema Touch and Match home / prosumer grinder. This new grinder is characterized by a very user-friendly touch display, manual adjustment and extremely silent grinding. Grinding can also be adjusted according to the drinks offered by Faemina, so the user can choose to grind the coffee beans either for espresso or for filter coffee.

Faemina will be presented in the LAB area on Sunday, April 3rd at 2.30 pm and it will also be possible to see and touch it on the dedicated stand as well as in the Tasting Room of the London Coffee Festival event.

Faema machine President GTI

Another Gruppo Cimbali protagonist of the London Coffee Festival will be the Faema machine President GTI, official sponsor of the Coffee Masters competition.

Faema President GTi

Considered one of the most difficult competitions in the world of baristas, the Coffee Masters will see 16 competitors fighting each other in 7 coffee-making disciplines, using the Faema GTI President. The new Faema Touch and Match home / prosumer coffee grinder will be the winner’s prize.

Faema President Gti is a professional espresso machine, largely customizable thanks to its unique design and high technological component that make it fit into any environment while guaranteeing the highest quality in the cup. Additionally, thanks to the independent boilers, the President is characterized by absolute thermal stability.


The Slayer brand will also have a dedicated stand showing its iconic products from the Espresso Single Group, a real must for the trendiest coffee lovers, to the Slayer Steam LP, the dream-machine for every barista.

Slayer Espresso Single Group

The Steam LP guarantees incredible control and precision through the pressure profile and repeatability functions.

The programmable pre-brewing, post-brewing and volumetric outlet settings, guarantee a high-quality espresso every single time. They make it a truly intuitive machine that can automatically record settings while making a coffee and repeat the operation throughout the day.

Steam EP embodies the Slayer’s concept of “entry-level” machine category for today’s specialty coffee shops.

Standardising complex features such as individual dispensing boilers, easily programmable volumetric dosing, a centralized Barista Dashboard and maintenance-free steam valves, Steam EP redefines the idea of “entry-level” machine by introducing countless possibilities from the most basic model. And Specialty Coffees businesses shouldn’t settle for anything less.

For ten years Slayer has been producing artisanal high-end coffee machines, bringing luxury to the art of coffee. Slayer machines are a dream that has come true for those looking for flavour profiling thanks to the addition of programmable pre-brewing and repeatability functions.

Programme and activities at the London Coffee Festival:

The festival will be an opportunity to celebrate the 110 years anniversary of Cimbali Group with the presentation of the new iconographic book “SENSO ESPRESSO. Coffee. Style. Emotions.” curated by MUMAC, the Museum of the Coffee Machine founded by the group. The book is a journey that invites the reader to discover the Italian entrepreneurial and cultural realm, with its renowned creativity and with its globally recognizable style.

The book sets the professional coffee machines sector within the bigger picture consisting in its protagonists, the other sectors typical of the Made in Italy, such as the world of design, technology and innovation, and the Italian business culture in general. From the book we understand how coffee machines can be ambassadors of the “Italian Way of life” as a lifestyle model, representing key values such as pleasure, beauty, creativity, intelligence, and sociability with a simple cup of coffee.

The book, which is a collection of timeless ideas, values and creativity, is a real must have for coffee lovers and professionals in the sector, as well as general art, style and design lovers. The book will be available on our stand and will be presented in public readings within the “Lab Area” of the London Coffee Festival on Saturday, April 2nd at 11:15am.

But the festival will be also an opportunity for Gruppo Cimbali to share some of the most special coffeemaking techniques. They will host the “Coffee Cocktail Shake-Along”, an interactive demo and tasting session in which participants can join Double World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion Dan Fellows of Slayer Espresso and Jon Lister of Diplomatico Rum / Speciality Brands creating some special coffee-based cocktails.

The activity is planned within the Lab Area every day of the London Coffee Festival at the following times:

Thursday: 16:30
Friday: 15:00
Saturday: 15:15
Sunday: 15:00

As for the activities to take place within the exhibition area, the Slayer stand will host a different coffee roaster or distributor every day of the festival as below:

Thursday: SEND Coffee (@sendcoffee_)
Friday: Obadiah (@obadiahcoffeeroasters) and Us V Them (@usvthemcoffee)
Saturday: Watch House (@watchhouse)
Sunday AM: A Matter of Concrete (@amatterofconcrete)

For further info:

Gruppo Cimbali

Gruppo Cimbali is one of the leading manufacturers of professional machines for making coffee and milk-based drinks, as well as coffee shop equipment. The Group, which includes the La Cimbali, Faema, Slayer and Casadio brands, operates through three production plants in Italy and one in the United States (in Seattle, where the machines are produced under the Slayer brand), employing a total of over 700 employees.

The Group’s commitment to promoting espresso culture and the local area led to the foundation of MUMAC (Coffee Machine Museum) in 2012, the first and largest permanent exhibition dedicated to the history, world and culture of espresso machines, located at the Gruppo Cimbali headquarters in Binasco. MUMAC is home to MUMAC Academy, Gruppo Cimbali’s coffee machine academy, a training, promotion and research centre.

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