Wednesday 30 November 2022

Green Mountain announces the launch of Alpine Roast Cold Brew coffee

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WATERBURY, Vt., U.S. — Green Mountain Coffee Roasters today announced the launch of Alpine Roast Cold Brew coffee, marking the brand’s first foray into the cold brew, slow steep coffee space.

Simple to make at home, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Alpine Roast™ Cold Brew Coffee requires no coffee maker, and instead uses the simplicity of slow extraction to produce a harmonious and balanced cold brew coffee.

Available on and Alpine Roast™ Cold Brew coffee is made with precisely ground 100% Arabica coffee beans from Colombia that boast notes of cocoa, plum and caramel.

Cold brew is a unique brewing method where coffee grounds are soaked in cold water for at least eight hours, eliciting bold flavors and smooth taste without acidity or bitterness.

The new Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Cold Brew coffee is coarsely ground to ensure maximum extraction while steeping and is packaged in a SteePack™ filter – a satchel that resembles a large tea bag and is designed specifically for the cold brew method.

“We’re excited to enter the popular and growing cold brew coffee segment with a product that delivers the exceptional taste you expect from one of America’s favorite brands, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters,” said Scott Moffitt, Chief Brand and Beverage Officer at Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.

“Our beverage innovation pipeline is focused on new coffee formats and occasions, and we’ll continue to diversify our offering on a regular cadence with high quality, expertly sourced options for coffee lovers.”

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® new Cold Brew coffee is simple to make: fill a pitcher with three cups of water, add two Alpine Roast™ Cold Brew SteePack™ filters, let steep in the fridge for 8-12 hours, remove SteePack™ filters and add an additional three cups of cold water.

Each box of Alpine Roast™ Cold Brew coffee contains four SteePack™ filters and is available at for $8.49 SRP. Two filters makes six cups of cold brew coffee, which can be kept refrigerated up to one week.

Visit to learn more or to view the how-to brew video.

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