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Green coffee to take a lion’s share in the coffee market, says research

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With the amount of innovation that goes into the food industry, it is only natural that coffee would see similar trends too. Artisan coffee, Healthy Coffee and so on, the trend keeps abreast of the mood of the consumer.

Consumers today are connected, well informed and aware, and thus the trendsetters of the food and beverage industry are trying hard to keep up, so is the coffee industry.

Steve Morris of Printed Paper Cups manufacturer, Scyphus, is not just cup makers and print masters, he is a coffee aficionado too.

His love for coffee extends beyond his work of making the perfect branded paper cup, into the world of coffee making, tasting and following the trends. Here is what he writes on the new elixir that beats green tea and other herbal infusions, it’s the green coffee that’s taken over the world.

The food and beverage industry is undeniably cemented with a multitude of trends year in year out. Similarly, the coffee market has become a haven for tasting experiences and experiments. One of the latest trends morphing this industry at the beginning of this year is the increasing penchant for green coffee.

Concocted from unroasted coffee beans that give the beverage its greenish colour and particularly mild and refreshing flavour, this beverage packed with benefits is increasing in demand. A recent study published by Future Market Insights reveals that green coffee is poised to take the lion’s share in the coffee market in the years to come, with Western Europe among the top of the market list.

Green coffee is packed with health benefits

Green coffee is made from unroasted beans that are green in colour. Hence, the drink gets its light and almost translucent green hue. If green coffee is considered as a concentrate of health benefits, it is primarily because the beans do not lose their natural chlorogenic acid as they do not undergo the process of roasting.

Chlorogenic acid is a biologically active phenol acclaimed for its rich array of health benefits: a study carried out by BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine even concluded that having a daily amount of green coffee proved to be effective in reducing the level of body fat, body weight as well as liver fat in mice. Green coffee also comprises more caffeine than regular coffee. It has also been demonstrated that green coffee bean extract is an active ingredient that helps improve glucose and insulin balance.

As an increasing number of people are becoming more health conscious and are adopting various means to combat obesity and obesity-related diseases, green coffee is now viewed as a potent health elixir more than ever. The study conducted by Future Market Insights forecasts that the demand for this beverage will keep growing, side by side with rising health consciousness and wellness trend. Green coffee is hence not seen as serving the mere purpose of refreshment but also offering various functional benefits, which in turn will give a significant boost to the coffee industry.

Fresh study reveals that green coffee can improve metabolic syndrome

A recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition earlier in February has highlighted the benefits of green coffee on metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is a condition where the regular metabolic and biochemical functions of the body are negatively affected. It is often referred to as insulin resistance where the body stops responding to insulin as it should. Consequently, there is excess glucose in the body which in turn often leads to diabetes. Metabolic syndrome generally leads to weight gain and obesity, higher triglyceride levels, lower HDL cholesterol and high blood pressure. The risks for heart diseases and strokes are thus multiplied.

The study was based on a randomized double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. In other words, the participants were classified into two distinct groups, that is, one receiving the actual treatment and the other one receiving a placebo. Those receiving a placebo were not informed of this. The participants consisted of 43 overweight men and women aged between 18 and 70. Their weight, waistline, BMI, systolic blood pressure, and diastolic blood pressure were all noted and they equally underwent blood tests for diabetes screening, lipid profile, fasting insulin, and insulin resistance. Those receiving the actual treatment were given capsules of 400 mg green extract containing 186 mg of chlorogenic acid. For eight consecutive weeks, they had to ingest these capsules twice per day, while no changes were brought to their salt intake or physical activity.

At the end of the study, the researchers concluded to positive results and noted that the participants taking the actual treatment saw a reduction in their fasting blood glucose, in their systolic blood pressure, and in their insulin resistance. Their waist circumference was considerably reduced alongside their appetite score as well. The reduction in weight of participants genuinely taking the green coffee extract was twice as much as that of the placebo group. These findings came to support other claims that green coffee extract does present a number of beneficial effects and that it can be used to manage metabolic syndrome and the various associated diseases in an inexpensive manner.

The dynamics of the coffee industry are changing

alongside the growing health consciousness among consumers, companies are striving to offer the ultimate customer satisfaction in the food and beverage industry. Coffee is being reformulated as a beverage as brands are taking care to lay focus on the ingredients and their benefits apart from taste. The increasingly hectic lifestyle of many people around the world has also contributed to a dramatic impact on the nutritional feature of food and beverages being consumed.

This increasing interest in coffee as a multifaceted beverage is translated in the expanding number of coffee bars, local brands, and baristas; an increasing number of European consumers are also showing keenness to pay more for high-quality coffee. As the Centre for the Promotion of Imports (CBI) defines it, the European coffee market is presently experiencing the third wave, that is, a high demand for speciality coffees coupled with sustainability. In certain regions in Europe, the higher-end segment of the coffee market is already moving into the fourth wave characterised by “the science of coffee”. What is important to the consumers in this market is to understand all the facets of the coffee bean as well as its preparation.

While consumers become more knowledgeable about preparation techniques, brands are incorporating freshness in their portfolios by exploring the various properties of coffee. Several well-established brands, such as Starbucks, have not delayed in grabbing this opportunity by integrating green coffee into their menu and ‘reinventing’ coffee. Generally, the unroasted beans are boiled for some 15 minutes to obtain the green coffee extract which is then blended with water or fruit juices. Other brands have rapidly designed their signature blends.

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