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Giovanna De Vecchi, DVG De Vecchi: “I think that if I had been a man, the path would have been less strenuous”

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MILAN – On the occasion of Women’s Day, which has become more and more relevant over the years, Giovanna De Vecchi – Administrator of DVG De Vecchi srl – wishes to share her experience, which began around 33 years ago in her family’s business. The overall picture shows a change in the market, in the strategies, and in the management roles: from a past when there were few women in top positions, to the development of several inclusive programs promoted by the companies themselves.

When the handover took place, Giovanna De Vecchi found herself at the head of a company producing components for coffee machines, confronted with the purely male-dominated service world along the entire distribution line.

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Giovanna De Vecchi explains: “My beautiful but particularly strenuous journey”

“With the hard work and credibility gained over the years, I managed to make myself perceived as an entrepreneur in my own right. The female figure in my specific field was initially not considered particularly high-performing. In a predominantly male and mechanical industry, the female figure was conceived as more related to the administrative area than to business.

Over time, more and more women took on management roles. Therefore, there has been a very positive change related to the integration of skills.


In our company we also have an important percentage of women for key figures, leading to a diversification of skills and optimization of performance, as well as to a new approach to the market.

We are a company with many women, and from this point of view our attitude is free of preconceptions – since the beginning and in all contexts. Women demonstrate that they can excel in any role, and their presence – together with that of men – is definitely enriching.

Moreover, excellent synergies can be created among women – the important thing is to have clear goals and to pursue them intelligently, in mutual understanding.

The involvement of women in this field must be increasingly strong, since with their transversality they bring innovation and creativity even in the field of communication. I think that the combination of male and female characteristics, if well-balanced, can really help to improve business performance and to address market challenges in a more effective way.”

Professional and personal life: how to find balance in a top position?

Giovanna De Vecchi, and her experience (photo granted)

“I have dedicated so much of myself to the company, giving up a part of my life. I think that if I had been a man, the path would have been less strenuous, considering that I often found myself interacting in a predominantly male environment. Many people still remember me for all the questions I used to ask and for my interest in understanding every small detail. Mine was partly a path of self-education. In this sense, curiosity and passion have been – and still are – important and propulsive elements.

I work alongside my husband (Mario Conti, CEO of DVG De Vecchi srl) and although each of us have our own very different characteristics, I have been able to find an excellent balance that allows us to support each other, mitigating some aspects of our personalities.

We compensate each other, first of all personally, but also for our experience in the company: Mario, who started working at DVG in 2004, has given a big technical and commercial boost with an important vision of development, whereas I live the company more viscerally. This is a practical example of how different skills and characteristics can find harmony and become a good basis for business development.”

From a reality of 6 people to 50 employees, Giovanna De Vecchi has worked hard to be recognized.

“From an initial situation with only 6 people, we have seen our company grow up to 50 employees, a milestone that has required constant commitment from everyone. Business dynamics have evolved over time, bringing as the best result a customer base that now fully identifies with the DVG De Vecchi brand.

A fundamental concept remains that of moving together: this is the real gender equality. Only by working together and equally, we can grow in the marketplace. Inclusion and sharing are fundamental, as are partnerships.

I value the person, not the gender. In my specific segment of the narrow supply chain there are still not that many women, and we are so fragmented in terms of solutions and components, that there is no real sharing. In the coffee sector more generally, we have seen a driving force of women with important roles, helping to elevate the topic to an international level. This is also the result of generational transitions and careful management choices.

I see many women interested in contamination with other sectors: besides, coffee is and will always be evocative. We as DVG are proud to actively contribute to the excellent result in the cup!”


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