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French Gourmet Product Award winners announced

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The new French Gourmet Product Award now successfully running for the third year. Launched in 2014 by the Trade Journal “L’Epicerie Fine”, it targets the fine food retailing.

Here the personal welcome, a thorough product knowledge and an experience based advice  attract the gourmet food customers, who want to shop off the mainstream market and off the internet suppliers.

La Cimbali

A professional jury comprising fine food retailers, chefs, culinary journalists and packaging experts examines and tastes the many submitted specialty products, which are divided into seventeen food categories, amongst which fine coffees and fine teas.

The awards come in three sets,


Gold: l’Epicure d’Or, Silver:L’Epicure d’Argent and Bronze : l’Epicure de Bronze.

The 2016 awards have been announced in June 2016.

In the Category “Coffee”

*the Gold trophy went to the Roastery Caron, for an exquisite blend created by Anne Caron the founder’s daughter

the Silver and Bronze trophy both went to Café Pfaff,

both coffee roasters and retailers are located close to Paris.

In the Category “Tea”

*the Gold trophy went to “Thés George Cannon” for a black tea from Formosa, the ancient name for Taiwan and a Darjeeling First Flush from the Gopaldhara Tea Estate,

*the Silver trophy went to “Les Jardins de Gaïa” for a spring pick from the Darjeeling Tea Estate Selimbong, called Holi Beauty

*the Bronze trophy went to “La Route des Comptoirs” for a green tea blended with mate, guarana, acerola and more called Stromboli.

The overall comment after this third annual award ceremony was the praise of continued innovation and constant high quality.

Furthermore one observed a strong trend for more simplicity and authenticity, with a growing number of competitors belonging to the young generation, who favour refined hosting in the home and put a strong accent on the gathering around the aperitif .


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