Friday 14 June 2024
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Franke Kaffeemaschinen launches the next generation of its Digital Services

Promotion images on coffee machine displays can now be updated without any on-site interaction and operators can monitor their entire coffee machine fleet centrally via cloud connection

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AARBURG, Switzerland – Franke launches the next generation of its Digital Services. Promotion images on coffee machine displays can now be updated without any on-site interaction and operators can monitor their entire coffee machine fleet centrally via cloud connection.

Coffee machines are key interaction points in convenience stores and offices and as such offer the unique opportunity to keep coffee drinkers informed and appeal to them with targeted messages.

Thanks to their screens reaching a size of up to 12’’, Franke’s fully automatic coffee machines are the new and upcoming communication tool for Category and Corporate Communications Managers: increasing upsell potential with seasonal drink promotions, creating cross-sell opportunities for coffee-related products, and keeping employees informed and engaged are just three of the many uses cases that can provide added value to any business.

«Be it the announcement of the company holiday party or the launch of a new employee engagement program, at the Zurich headquarters we use the Franke coffee machine screens to update and engage our 1,200 employees», says Michael Grimm, Client Lead of Mandate, Apleona HSG AG, responsible for Takeda Pharmaceuticals International AG.

Franke’s new digital signage services conveniently support the remote management of customers’ coffee machine screens displaying promotional images – no onsite intervention required.

Technically speaking, this Internet of Things (IoT) innovation utilizes bidirectional telemetry to centrally and remotely manage machine fleet configurations. The coffee machine evolves to a communication channel: Low effort to distribute a new campaign allows frequent updates of promotions and communications.


Commercial and operational excellence through cloud-to-cloud monitoring

Furthermore, operators can check whether the seasonal cappuccino generates additional sales, which point of sales is most successful and whether the supply of beans meets the required demand.

Franke Digital Services offer the possibility of integrating commercial and operational machine data into customers’ existing infrastructure.

This is done securely via a cloud-to-cloud interface. This way, Category Managers know at any time which products are sold in which stores and coffee roasters can optimize bean orders, ensuring freshness according to consumption data.

Instead of using an additional tool, commercially and operationally relevant data from coffee machines can now be consolidated within existing IT systems and processes.

Franke Digital Services are a cloud-based solution to further enhance customer experience and sales generated by Franke A-Line fully automatic coffee machines. Operators of coffee machine fleets are given new opportunities to remotely monitor and manage their coffee machines and business.

About Franke Coffee Systems

Franke Coffee Systems, a division of the Franke Group, is a world-leading solution provider of fully automatic coffee machines for professional coffee making. The passion for the best coffee quality motivates the company to elevate the customer experience through state-of-the-art innovations. Learn more at


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