Friday 31 March 2023

Franke Coffee Systems at Host 2021 with its new Individual Milk Technology

Visitors to the Franke booth are invited to experience the SB1200 as well as the SB1200 compact format together with Franke’s Coffee Technologies for themselves

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AARBURG – Franke Coffee Systems is using this year at Host to focus on innovations and solutions that target growth for to-go coffee businesses. Building on their expertise and high-performance, professional, fully automatic coffee machine solutions, Franke is introducing their partners and customers to new technologies for leveraging the continuing surge in consumer demand for self-serve coffee beverages.

Franke: Non-dairy alternatives, purity of choice in one point of sale (POS)

Host is the ideal platform for Franke to take its revolutionary IndividualMilk Technology* live to the industry. Unveiled earlier in 2021 during a virtual show event, Host is the first opportunity participants from the coffee world will have to test the reliability of the new and unique technology for themselves.

IndividualMilk Technology is a game-changer for the coffee to-go business. Available on the Franke Specialty Beverage Station (SB1200) – in both its standard footprint and its new compact format – this technology uses dedicated fluid systems to enable two different milk varieties to be prepared completely separately within one machine footprint. Each milk choice is guaranteed to remain free of cross-contamination and residues from storage through to cup. This means the dairy choice is purely dairy, and the vegan choice is purely vegan.

The new technology succeeds in almost doubling the beverage options any one Specialty Beverage Station can offer

At the same time, IndividualMilk Technology enables an expanded customer base by opening up new customer segments for self-serve coffee businesses.

“Our IndividualMilk Technology is the breakthrough opportunity for our customers who focus on self- serve coffee sales. They now have a reliable and proven option for their customers who are mindful of their nutrition,” confirms Christof Hurni, Vice President of Technology at Franke Coffee Systems.

“Enhancing POS performance for every coffee business is the focus of our presence at Host this year. We want to provide our partners and customers with solutions that help them win consumer trust, expand their customer base, increase the frequency of footfall, and optimize resource management to help them save costs,” adds Marco Zancolò, CEO of Franke Coffee Systems.

Visitors to the Franke booth are invited to experience the SB1200 as well as the SB1200 compact format together with Franke’s Coffee Technologies for themselves

The self-serve solution for maximum choice at minimum effort serves as the meeting point for live workshops, scheduled three times daily, for the duration of the event.

Immersion in the Franke coffee experience
Franke prioritizes great coffee experiences and indulgent moments of enjoyment anywhere coffee lovers are found. The booth design reflects this and takes the company’s branding, “It’s all about the moment”, directly to the environments each coffee business owner recognizes. Franke is setting their modern, high-performance professional coffee machines together with their premier Franke Coffee

Technologies firmly
at the center of their reconstructed c-store and hotel areas, as well as workplace and coffee bar settings. “Our booth invites our visitors to find real, value-adding solutions that fit the world their guests and customers populate. It’s all about this particular moment of discovery at Host,” states Marco Zancolò.

In-cup volume – the new dimension for saving time and costs
Franke is also introducing new technology options for machines used in self-serve settings, set to improve the consumer journey as well as optimize resources and costs.

Franke’s Optical Cup
Recognition* technology identifies in-cup volume, in addition to cup placement and height, going beyond the standard cup recognition solutions. Cameras built into the display enable software to match in-cup volume with the selected beverage size in real time. User-friendly graphic guidance appears on the coffee machine’s touchscreen to create an easy-to-follow dialog. The consumer is supported in selecting menu choices that match their cup to the correct beverage style and size.

“Our Optical Cup Recognition solution improves the self-serve and coffee to-go experience at every level,” says Christof Hurni. “Hotel guests, office teams, and convenience store visitors will enjoy a more relaxed self-service experience, free of stress from potentially confusing cup and beverage choices.

Coffee business operators as well as hotel food & beverage managers can expect an optimized use of their resources, as beverages are only dispensed when the size of the cup matches the beverage output, yielding improved productivity.”

Flexibility through modularity
Franke’s award-winning and compact A300* professional, fully automatic coffee machine is another highlight. The winner of both the iF Design Award 2021 and the Red Dot Award for Product Design 2021 is now available with even more compact modularity and flexibility. Ideal for preparing premium coffee beverages anywhere space is limited, such as in workplace, café, and boutique hotel settings, Franke has added the slimmer 3l cooling unit. Stylish and more streamlined than its 4l and 5l counterparts, the new
cooling unit even includes built-in options for a payment station within the same footprint. True versatility for the food & beverage segment with the A300 can be realized with its new mobile solution, Franke’s Coffee Service Cart* that easily accommodates the A300 footprint, as well as the full A-Line portfolio, regardless of add-ons and cooling unit sizes.
Franke is looking to provide each visitor with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the inspiring moments that make up Franke’s world of professional coffee preparation.

Offering the right machine for every need, the company’s full portfolio of A-Line professional, fully automatic coffee machines will be on display during Host. Experts for Coffee Competence, Franke Coffee Technologies, and technical machine know-how are present on the Franke booth, Hall 24P Stand F68-G63, daily.

*Currently unavailable in North America.

About Franke Coffee Systems

Franke Coffee Systems, a division of the Franke Group, is a world-leading provider of fully automatic coffee machines for professional coffee making. Our passion for the best coffee quality motivates us to elevate the customer experience through state-of-the-art innovations. More than 600 employees at our locations in Aarburg (Switzerland), Germany, the UK, China and the US, as well as a global service and sales network with more than 300 partners work day by to meet our ambition for best-in-class coffee
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Franke’s Specialty Beverage Station SB1200 is the compact, self-serve POS coffee station for creating
an unprecedented choice of beverages including pure milk choices with IndividualMilk Technology*. Copyright Franke

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