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Egro MoDe by Rancilio: Modularity and Design fit into a compact format

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MILAN, Italy – The Egro MoDe fully automatic coffee machine packs the latest Egro technology into a compact format. Designed for all hospitality industry venues that cater for average consumption, MoDe is the ideal solution for those who want to prepare quality beverages based on coffee, fresh milk, and powders. MoDe is available in 3 versions – Pure Coffee, Quick, and Pro Milk – and can be configured with different milk systems and fridges, add-ons, payment systems and optionals. All MoDe versions can be configured with 1 or 2 coffee grinders and 1 or 2 built-in 2-litre hoppers for powders.
MoDe’s high performance, reliability and versatility are combined in a sleek, compact design with ergonomic solutions designed to make it easier to operate and accelerate service.

The 7” touchscreen has been developed to simplify operation and encourage interaction with the customer in self-service mode. It’s easy to choose the drink you want to serve, and a few simple steps are all you need to navigate the setting menus and load images, icons and videos to display on the screen. With Egro MoDe you can programme an unlimited number of drinks and customise the settings of each recipe.

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Egro MoDe ensures superior coffee quality thanks to the stainless steel brewing unit, available with 18- or 22-gram brewing chambers (optional), and 64-mm stainless steel burrs coated with long-lasting titanium. Egro MoDe is equipped with two separate boilers for managing coffee preparation and steam delivery separately.

Besides the Pure Coffee version, designed for the preparation of coffee drinks and powder beverages, Egro MoDe is also available in the Quick Milk and Pro Milk versions, ideal for automatic preparation of fresh milk drinks. The Quick Milk version is the right choice for users who do not have to manage a heavy workflow (up to 150 cups per day) and want to offer their customers a menu with the great cafeteria classics. The Pro Milk version is recommended for establishments catering for average consumption (up to 180 cups per day) that want to offer a more varied coffee menu and want to adjust both the temperature and the frothing level for hot milk, cold milk and hot milk foam via the interface. Both MoDe milk systems work with the help of the optional 4-litre Quick Milk external fridge.


Egro MoDe marks a new era in serviceability. All MoDe’s internal components are organised into modules according to their function and are easily accessible and removable to facilitate routine maintenance operations and speed up service interventions. Egro MoDe is recommended for all hospitality venues that offer coffee, milk and powder beverages and cater for an average consumption of 150 or 180 cups per day (depending on the version).

A world premiere at Host Milano 2021, Egro MoDe will go into production in the second half of 2022.


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