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FNC – International Coffee Organization’s Executive Director recognizes Colombia’s coffee institution as the best in the field

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BOGOTA – Robério Oliveira, Executive Director of the International Coffee Organization (ICO), praised the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation´s (FNC) longstanding efforts. Despite current low prices, the special guest of the LXXIX National Congress of Coffee Growers encouraged the FNC to continue working towards the differentiation and quality of Arabica Colombian coffee.“People usually relate agribusiness with high-volumes and mass production. Although this might be true for some cases, it is not the case for Colombian coffee.

For instance, for many decades Colombia has positioned its coffee as a quality product available and consistent year round. The market increasingly favors quality and differentiated coffees for which consumers are willing to pay higher prices,” noted Mr. Oliveira.

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Oliveira also noted that growth in production and export of specialty coffees will contribute immensely to improving the current situation and obtaining better market prices.

“The FNC has done well by promoting what has always differentiated Colombian coffee: its quality.”


Oliveira´s words of encouragement arrive at a time when many argue that Colombia should consider producing the Robusta coffee species in order to diversify its production of Arabica coffee.

“The key to success is to identify what you do well and do it often. With effort, dedication and focus, Colombia has managed to become the global benchmark for quality coffee.

I am confident it has the conditions to continue being so,” he added.

Although Mr. Oliveira recognized the challenges that lay ahead, he stated that Colombia has developed the world´s strongest and most organized coffee institutionality.

“I see a bright future for Colombian coffee thanks to the dedication and experience from the FNC at its disposal.

The FNC is carrying out structural changes and implementing policies that have already began to bear their fruits and that will reposition the Colombian coffee sector.

The institution, unique in its kind, combines an entrepreneurial vision and guild representation with benefits for coffee growers and their families.”

According to ICO´s Executive Director, thanks to the FNC´s organization Colombian coffee achieved and maintained a differential premium in international markets.

He also noted that the success of Juan Valdez Cafés around the world illustrates how the FNC´s brand and marketing strategies generate higher value added for producers while defending and positioning the reputation of Café de Colombia.

Source: FNC


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