Thursday 30 November 2023

First ‘Chocolates processed at origin’ International Contest Avpa-Paris 2021 announced

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PARIS, France – Chocolates are now on the selection of the main agricultural products valued by AVPA. With the launch of its 1st «Chocolates processed at origin » International Contest, AVPA is devoting a special place to these artisans and industrialists who are working to develop an art of chocolate, from bean to bar, in cocoa-producing countries.

AVPA – Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products– a non-profit, non-governmental association, remains convinced that exceptional agricultural producers achieve excellence by becoming processors and tasters of their own products. That is now what is happening in cocoa-producing countries.

AVPA is honoured and pleased to contribute to this momentum by increasing the national and international visibility of these passionate chocolate producers.

Cocoa processors, artisans, and industrialists from producing countries are expected to participate in this major event, which will follow the AVPA rigorous methodology already recognized in the fields of coffees and teas.

A high-level technical jury assisted by taste professionals will award AVPA medals that will thus become tangible signs of the recognition of the professional qualification of the lucky winners.

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