Saturday 25 June 2022

Ferrero launches contest to support research and innovation in the Hazelnut World

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Ferrero Hazelnut Company, the recent business structure bringing together all the hazelnut supply chain activities of the Ferrero Group, launches “FERRERO HAZELNUT AWARD CONTEST”, an award aiming to support and improve research and innovation in the hazelnut world in all its aspects.

Awards totalling a value of €160,000 will be given to the participants who propose the best and potentially applicable project ideas, according to an evaluation grid rewarding innovation, sustainability, transferability, and timeframe applicability.

The participants – PhDs and researchers of universities and other non-profit institutions of research and higher education of the whole world – can choose among four topics related to the improvement, innovation, sustainability and new strategies in hazelnut cultivation and develop their research or development plan in one of these areas.

Their proposal will be evaluated by an external, international and fully independent Scientific Commission, established at the prestigious Italian University “Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Piacenza” and coordinated by Professor Lorenzo Morelli, Dean Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science.

At ExpoMilano 2015, where it presents its corporate social responsibility initiatives, Ferrero will offer the three winners a “Special Award package” composed of: participation at the Ferrero Hazelnut Award Ceremony planned for mid-September at the Exposition site; the Universal Exposition visit; a visit to the Ferrero factory in Alba (CN); and a visit to the hazelnut orchards and related agricultural processing activities in the area.

This grant further confirms the Ferrero Group’s constant commitment to the highest quality and innovation, and its strong engagement towards sustainable agricultural practices and the protection of the environment, all key elements of its global success.

The application is available on the website and the deadline for submission is June 30th. Visit the website for more information.

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