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Evoca, Ducale City 300: best in class of vending machines in a small footprint

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VALBREMBO, Bergamo, Italy – The arrival of the Ducale City 300 marks a quantum leap in the compact coffee machine category, immediately imposing itself as ‘best in class’. In a small footprint, you’ll find all the technical innovations previously available only in Ducale vending machines that were designed for locations with large volumes of consumption, creating a premium consumer experience.

Ducale City 300: Like a coffee bar machine.

‘Creating a unique consumer experience’: that was the objective that gave birth to the new City 300 table top. Starting with the original design, which is a triumph of attention to every detail, the new machine adds visual transparency to engage the consumer throughout the dispensing process.
The coffee canister – totally visible from the outside of the cabinet- conveys the freshness of coffee beans. The City 300’s Vision door enhances the ritual of beverage preparation, from grinding to dispensing in the cup. The whole dispensing process can be witnessed by the consumer.

DVG De Vecchi

The coffee group is constructed of premium materials: all the components are realized in steel, just like coffee bar machines. The infusion chamber is kept at a controlled temperature, to constantly ensure the best coffee extraction. Attention to detail, that’s what makes the City 300 stand out from the crowd. For instance, the coffee grinder automatically adjusts the degree of grinding enhancing the peculiar quality of each coffee blend, selection after selection.

Last, but not least, the vacuum system ensures consistent coffee quality, avoiding the oxidation caused by contact with air. This allows the operator to offer a product that is always perfect. Thanks to the vacuum system, the coffee maintains its quality for longer; and that means fewer operator visits are required.

La Cimbali
Ducale City 300 in an office environment

Great luxury in a small size

Ducale City 300 is appreciated for its user interface, which is simple and intuitive, featuring a new 12″ touch screen that means drinks selection takes just a few seconds. The extensive opportunities for customization with toppings allows you to create delicious drinks, adding even more choice to the comprehensive drinks menu. The machine has six canisters for soluble products, two for toppings and cups in two different sizes, including one that’s perfect for espresso. The Ducale City 300 has a 300 cups capacity.

Inside the machine, a robotic arm moves between the cups thanks to an innovative size changeover system. The delivery area automatically opens, and serves the drink allowing consumers to access easily and safely. No contact with the machine is required!

A major benefit for operators of the City 300 is that loading the machine is quick and easy and thanks to a tilting canisters module, access to all the main components of the machine is effortless.

Thanks to the Ducale City 300, operators can now serve those locations that, due to space restrictions or low consumption volumes, need a machine that is compact but, at the same time, brimming with the state-of-the-art Ducale technology.

The arrival of the Ducale City 300 has set a new benchmark for the table top market.

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