Thursday 05 October 2023

European Speciality Tea Association and Danish Tea Association to merge

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MILAN – The Danish Tea Association, which has been promoting speciality tea in Denmark through education and competitions for five years, has announced that its board has voted to join European Speciality Tea Association. Over 50 members will have their membership transferred over to European Speciality Tea Association and they will then become the Danish chapter of ESTA.

The purpose of an ESTA chapter is to provide a platform whereby local members can work together in their own community to network, hold events and competitions, education workshops and other activities whilst being an integral part of the larger European association and community and derive benefits from that too. Whilst members of chapters are members of ESTA, the chapters function with a degree of independence, and elect their own board every two years.

Alexis Kaae the Vice President and Head of Education for ESTA and Chairman of Danish Tea Association said ‘We have been considering this move for some time but the fact that we have such a good reputation around the world, especially in South East Asia, has made us cautious about taking this important decision. However we are totally confident that our good work of the past will continue in Denmark but within the wider community which is being grown by ESTA.’

David Veal, Executive Director of ESTA added ‘This is a good and positive move for both associations, members in Denmark will still have the opportunity to work in their local community to promote speciality tea, but they will also be able to network with the wider global speciality tea community in many different ways.’

To join European Speciality Tea Association visit the website at and click on the membership tab for further details

European Speciality Tea Association

European Speciality Tea Association is an inclusive organisation whose mission is to create and inspire excellence in the speciality tea community through innovation, research, education and communication.

With members from over 28 countries representing all parts of the tea supply chain from producers to tea baristas, European Speciality Tea Association is helping to generate a vibrant speciality tea community across the world, and is dedicated to promoting great quality tea in all of its forms to create a new sensory excitement amongst tea drinkers.

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