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Ethiopian Authority earns over US$234 mln from coffee, spices export in 3 months


ADDIS ABABA – Ethiopian Coffee, Tea and Spices Authority said it has secured about 234.59 million USD from the export of 82,511.89 tons of coffee and spices within the past three months of this fiscal year.

In a press release emailed to The Ethiopian Herald, Public Relation and Communication Affairs Director at the Authority Sahlemariam Gebremedhin said that out of the total amount of foreign currency earned, coffee accounts for 231 million USD with the export of 80,486.75 tons, while the plan was to generate 80,486.75 USD from exporting 74,489.00 tons of coffee.

According to the Director, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Japan are the three leading countries of Ethiopian coffee destination, which shares 46.80 million USD, 33.45 million USD, and 26.48 million USD incomes earning respectively.

On the other hand, USA, Belgium, South Korea, Italy, Sudan, France, and Jordan rank forth to tenth place as Ethiopian main coffee destinations.

In terms of coffee types Sidama, Nekemtie and Jimma have generated 83.23 million USD, 41.16million USD, and 28.67 million USD respectively. It has also increase the whole types in regards to income generating and export amount.

Compare to the past similar years, it has additional exported 20,302.49 tons and generated 26.17 million USD.