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Elmhurst launches plant-based multi-serve latte line

Elmhurst plant-based lattes are crafted with only the simplest ingredients. Consistently one of the cleanest plant-based brands available, Elmhurst avoids the use of gums, oils and filler ingredients

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ELMA, N.Y., USA – Elmhurst 1925 has launched its newest innovation, a Multi-Serve Latte Line. Elmhurst’s Lattes are the cleanest in market and currently available in four delicious varieties: Pistachio Crème, Maple Walnut, Caramel Cashew and Brown Sugar Oat. An additional flavor extension, Toasted Vanilla Almond, is expected to launch later this spring. Like all Elmhurst products, they contain minimal ingredients and are free from gums, oils and added fillers.

As Elmhurst grows their plant-based food and beverage offerings, ready-to-drink Lattes are a natural addition to the brand’s product line-up. By blending their variety of clean-label plant milks with premium Arabica cold brew, Elmhurst delivers the creamy coffeehouse flavors shoppers love in a format that’s convenient to enjoy at home.

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With 95 mg of caffeine and as few as 5 g of sugar, every serving has as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and 81% less sugar than a standard dairy latte. Plus, each 24 oz carton contains (2) 12 oz servings, so consumers can enjoy multiple lattes or share with a friend.

“At Elmhurst, it’s our mission to offer the cleanest and creamiest plant-based products in market,” said Sr. Director of Brand Marketing & Innovation at Elmhurst, Heba Mahmoud.

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“This commitment to continuous innovation has led us to craft the ultimate dairy-free lattes for coffee lovers. Because we use our smooth & creamy plant milks as a base, these lattes are as rich and flavorful as what you’d get at a coffee shop, without the gums, oils, and high sugar levels you’ll find in other ready-to-drink options. Plus, they’re super versatile when it comes to performance – sure, you can enjoy them over ice, but they also steam and foam beautifully for consumers who take their lattes hot. Our customers know coffee and don’t want to settle, so we worked to bring that café-quality experience home in a ready-to-drink format.”

Elmhurst plant-based lattes offer a clean and convenient coffee option:

  • Maple Walnut: Inviting notes of warm maple syrup and toasty walnut milk. Simply sweetened with real maple. An excellent source of Omega-3 ALA.
  • Pistachio Crème: Notes of vanilla & sweet cream paired with buttery Pistachio Milk and premium Arabica cold brew. Only 5g of sugar per serving.
  • Brown Sugar Oat: A cozy blend of Arabica cold brew, oat milk and real brown sugar. Just like everyone’s favorite shaken espresso, but cleanly crafted and ready to enjoy at home.
  • Caramel Cashew: Notes of buttery caramel mixed with layers of cashew milk and cold brew coffee for the perfect balance of sweet and creamy. Only 5 g of sugar per serving.
  • Coming Soon – Toasted Vanilla Almond: A bold and balanced blend of sweet vanilla, toasty almonds, and Arabica cold brew. Only 5 g of sugar per serving.

Elmhurst plant-based lattes are crafted with only the simplest ingredients. Consistently one of the cleanest plant-based brands available, Elmhurst avoids the use of gums, oils and filler ingredients.

Instead, the natural creaminess of their products comes solely from real nuts and whole grains that provide natural protein, dietary fiber, and healthy fats. With just 6g or less sugar per serving, Elmhurst’s Lattes set themselves apart from the ultra-sweetened pre-packaged latte products in the market.

Like all Elmhurst products, the Plant-Based Multi-Serve Lattes are Non-GMO Product Verified, gluten-free, dairy-free, OU Kosher, vegan, and crafted through the company’s unique HydroRelease method. Using just water, this process separates the nutritional components of a nut, grain or seed before reassembling them as a creamy plant milk, maintaining the full nutrition of the source ingredient without added gums or emulsifiers. HydroRelease™ upcycles any waste into energy and is powered by 100% renewable Hydroelectric Power to drive sustainability every step of the way.

As a part of Elmhurst’s ongoing recycling program, currently saving approximately 10,000 mature trees annually, all cartons are 100% recyclable and made from FSC-certified paperboard. The brand transitioned from plastic to paper-based shipping materials for direct-to-consumer orders and uses primarily PCR materials for molded fiberboard trays and scrap corrugate as protective filler.

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