Tuesday 23 July 2024
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Eight O’Clock Coffee takes a lighthearted look at latest coffee order culture in new campaign to highlight its great-tasting coffee

The new ad spots playfully touch on the crazy coffee orders that have real coffee drinkers shaking their heads

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MONTVALE, N.J., USA – Eight O’Clock Coffee, America’s original gourmet coffee, has released their first advertising campaign in almost 10 years. As a top five bag coffee in the US, the brand light-heartedly and humorously juxtaposes today’s coffee culture of over-the-top mix-ins and toppings, with the idea that when coffee is as good as Eight O’Clock Coffee, you’ll want to drink it black.

“No matter how you take your coffee, I think we can all find humor in how easy it has gotten to get carried away with the latest coffee crazes,” said Mohit Agarwal, Chief Marketing Officer, Tata Consumer Products International.

“With this campaign, we’re not asking consumers to stop enjoying coffee in whichever way they love. Instead, we’re hoping that we can all unite to laugh about this universal trend and encourage consumers to give Eight O’Clock Coffee a try, because we offer a superior flavor from the start – whether you enjoy it with all the fixings or black!”

The campaign, created with NYC-based collective creative agency, Carousel, will run online and through social platforms. Titled “Coffee Craze,” the cheeky campaign features two spots that poke fun at the latest coffee fads, while reminding consumers that Eight O’Clock is so good, you’ll want to drink it black.

Coffee trends may come and go, but for over 100 years Eight O’Clock Coffee has been a pillar of high-quality, great-tasting 100% Arabica coffee at a great value.

From selecting the best beans, to roasting them in carefully controlled batches, to packaging them so no flavor is lost, Eight O’Clock continues to put value in the finest craftsmanship.

The spots can be viewed on the brand’s YouTube: “The Coffee Craze” and “The Coffee Craze Pumps It Up.”

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