Tuesday 27 September 2022

Dunkin’s new coffee bars will give you a caffeine jolt anytime, anywhere

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MILAN – Dunkin’ has quietly released new Coffee Bars, which it describes as a “creamy coffee treat.” These were spotted by Instagrammer @thejunkfoodaisle after Whole Coffee Co., a company that makes edible coffee products, posted about them.

The Dunkin’s Coffee Bars are described as a “creamy coffee treat” on the packaging.

Available in four flavors: Original, Caramel, French Vanilla, and Hazelnut, they are made with Dunkin’s 100% whole-bean coffee.

They contain about 26 milligrams of caffeine per bar, which is much less than your typical cup of coffee – that’s about 80-100 milligrams. So these might be just what you need to boost back up during that mid-afternoon slump.

Dunkin‘ has similar candies called Coffee Thins, which are a bit smaller and are also made with coffee beans.

The Original, Caramel, Peppermint Mocha, and Pumpkin Spice flavors packed 7 milligrams of caffeine in each piece.

The new coffee bars are available on Amazon at 15 bars for $18.99, or through Dunkin’s online shop for $5.49 for four bars. Either way, these bars are probably way cheaper than your daily order.

There’s no indication that the Dunkin’ Coffee Bars are limited-edition, so hopefully that means we’ll be able to “have your coffee break anytime, anywhere,” like the packaging says, truly anytime.

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