Saturday 13 April 2024
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Dubai-based Coffee Planet reveals Six Q Grader Certifications

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Coffee Planet, the Middle East’s leading 100% Arabica, specialty coffee roaster, is pleased to announce that six team members have earned Arabica Q Grader certification by the the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

“There are 15 Q graders in the Middle East and to have 40% of that total number from our team showcases our absolute commitment to quality”, said Rob Jones, Managing Director of Coffee Planet, “We are very proud of this group and their dedication to providing high-quality coffee.”

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Featuring 22 tests, the Q Grader certification process examines general coffee knowledge and the ability to consistently and accurately identify quality coffee. This includes appropriately grading green and roasted coffee, sensory and olfactory analysis, identification of sensory roasts and evaluating roasted coffee from around the world. The examination process ensures individuals can recognize aromas associated with coffee, blind cup and identify roast progression characteristics, and discerning salty, sweet and sour at varying intensities and combinations.

Originating from Brazil, Cleia Junqueira, speaks of her day-to-day as a licensed Q Grader and the resident Coffee Planet Roast Master, “Every day is different. We use our licenses to cup different coffees internally and externally using samples and alongside other Q Graders. We work in groups to cross-check the flavour profiles from our coffee ranges, certifying the grade of our new roasts against SCA regulations. We also help to create new taste profiles.”

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She adds, “we have to be very careful of what we eat and drink daily. Many things stain our palates and we need to keep it as neutral as possible, as every three years we undergo our Q Grader license renewal to ensure that our calibration is up-to-date.”

Coffee Planet’s passionate Q Graders will utilise their talents in the quality control process, ensuring that the home-grown brand buys, roasts, and distributes flavour at the highest standard.
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