Kids learn how to run a coffee shop in Dr. Panda Cafe

Dr. Panda Cafe has kids manage their own cafe, care for their customers and have lots of fun


CHENGDU, China – Beloved kids app developer, Dr. Panda, has released their first app of 2017: Dr. Panda Cafe. Dr. Panda creates apps that aspire to help kids understand the world.

This latest installment will help kids get accustomed with the processes of taking orders, making coffee, and taking care of customers in their own cafe.

In Dr. Panda Cafe, kids help Dr. Panda from the beginning to end, starting by seating customers, then taking orders, making delicious snacks and cleaning up afterwards. Happy customers will reward you with stars, which will enable you to make more food and drinks, further expanding the menu as you go.

“We wanted to create a game that revolves around taking care of customers and fulfilling their needs. After trying a few other themes, we agreed a cafe fit best.

This is because going to a cafe is not something you do quickly; customers sit down, take their time with their food and enjoy the moment,” says Twan Mul, lead Game Designer at Dr. Panda.

Dr. Panda Cafe is available on the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for $2.99 USD and was designed for kids ages 4-6.