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Ditta Artigianale’s coffee for the first time at WOC

From the 23rd until the 25th of June in Dublin, Ireland, Ditta Artigianale will be present at the Scae “Coffee Village” booth number 33

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FLORENCE – Ditta Artigianale, coffee bar and micro roastery dedicated to specialty coffee, directed by Francesco Sanapo ( will attend for the first time the World of Coffee, the world championship of coffee, which will take place in Dublin, in Ireland from June 23rd till June 25th .

The booth will be located in the Scae Coffee Village, at number 33, in a location where it will be possible to taste the new coffees, all freshly roasted and carefully selected, thanks to a direct relationship with small producers from the countries of origin.

Coffees, for the occasion, will be showcased with an all new graphic. Among these, which will be served in the espresso form and with the “filter” technique, in order to obtain infusions, the new “Castillo – Finca El Mirador”, coming from a colombian microlot, will be also available for tasting.

It’s made from a botanical variety created in laboratory, which displays a particular resistance to diseases that allows a new type of drying for the cherry, which takes place directly on the tree, called “dry on tree”. The main features of this coffee are the initial sweetness and the acidity, among with the balsamic aromas in the aftertaste.

Moreover, Ditta Artigianale will be the protagonist of the World Barista Championship by following Charlotte Malaval (23 years old, coming from Aix-En-Provence), french champion in charge, in her competition to reach the top spot on the podium among all the 61 countries running for the same goal.

And so the joint venture based on excellence between Francesco Sanapo and Charlotte Malaval, which last year took Malaval for the second year straight over the french podium thanks to a Ditta Artigianale’s coffee (Finca Maputo Typica from Ecuador) and the coaching of Sanapo, continues.


Sanapo that, regarding the competition, reveals: “I’m excited to be teaming with a talent like Charlotte who, last year, gave us the emotion of a sitxh place in the world challenge, at her first year in the competition!”

He recounts about the competition: “ I can only say that we will showcase a unique coffee from Salvador, roasted by Ditta Artigianale, an exclusive coffee. We searched for it for a long time, we found it, just a few bags of that kind and we decided to buy them all.

Charlotte’s competition will display a high scientific level with a true barista approach, the exact combination between science, research and social values that a barista must have, where she will put herself on the line.”

Says Malaval: “I had the priviledge to work with Francesco since two years ago and it’s really because of him if I have the chance to experience this wonderful adventure. To be quality ambassadors it’s a real and true responsability and we have to be very careful on spreading the right values.”

Ditta Artigianale’s coffees are on sale on the online shop It is also possible to taste them in the two coffee bars, located in Florence, in the historical center, in via dei Neri 32r and in via dello Sprone 3r, right behind Ponte Vecchio.


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