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Diego Fernando Campos is the new Colombian Barista Champion

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BOGOTA, Colombia – After brewing an intense and aromatic cup using coffee from the Tamaná farm (department of Huila), Diego Fernando Campos (picture), from the department of Tolima, won the Colombian Barista Championship.

Thanks to his proficiency, creativity and extensive knowledge, he will now represent Colombia in the 2017 World Barista Championship, in South Korea.

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The 27 year old, on behalf of the company ‘Amor Perfecto’, has eight years of experience in the barista world.

“Today I don’t only represent Amor Perfecto. I represent a country of people who understand coffee and who are willing to give it all to ensure recognition,” noted Diego in the awarding ceremony.


Competitors had to brew four espressos, four drinks with milk and four design drinks to highlight coffee attributes. Diego used a coffee from the Tamaná farm, located in the department of Huila.

Four sensory judges were responsible for tasting and evaluating the drinks, the presentation and the baristas’ attention. José Arreola, head judge, supervised the process, ensuring compliance with the competition’s rules and norms.

According to Arreola, the judges saw Diego’s passion, knowledge and skills throughout the competition.

“Colombia is in good shape. It wouldn’t surprise me if it achieves a position in the world championship. I encourage young Colombians to be passionate about their coffee and get to know more about its quality”.

With impeccable preparations, Ronald Valero, from Juan Valdez Café, and Steven Arévalo, from Amor Perfecto, obtained 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

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