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Desita: our impressions from Host 2015

MILAN, Italy – Meeting with others is lovely. Meeting with others that share the same passion is superb. DESITA considers the Host exhibition a steady appointment to explore new ideas, trends and synergies for our concept design, foodservice and franchising. The first day is always the most exciting and chaotic, but to not miss anything, neither a idea nor a stand, we proceeded with a path “grid”- yes, we are designer, sorry.

This method allowed us to make order among all the stimuli from the 14 pavilions, allowing us to build our experience to Host that we synthesized in an infographic with some data also about the world of franchising.


We were positive impressed by the attention for the sustainability and recycle we saw in few projects.

According our opinion, this year more than ever, the coffee market won the leading actor spotlight with its major innovations in this business.

For this reason we dedicated the second and third day to the deep exploration of new solutions and in this process we have find Coffee One (in the pictures): a interesting combination between the well-known Italian coffee shop hospitality and the essential vending machine, conveniently serving the on the go customer before their flight or maybe after a meeting.


Given that we strongly believe in the professionalism and the hands of a skilled barista, it must be said that the culture of the “bar stop” varies around the world as well as the customers ‘needs.

Obviously comfortable ambiance with prompt service are essentials for clients seeking a delicious coffee and/or service with a smile. This concept gives the opportunity to enter the market without major investments and increase service opportunities in locations of passing.


Host stood out as a focal point for many investors and professionals from the Middle East, a very well know market for us, and once again confirmed the interest in the Italian style and their products: there is still so much more to do and give.

You want to know a curiosity? Well, maybe a confirmation: the only file in which we came across were those who offered food andgelato for free.

We look forward to the new edition.