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Davide Cobelli: “Espresso at 2€ is possible in Italy as long as high quality is real”

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MILAN – Is it possible to sell an espresso for €2 in Italy, where an espresso typically costs €1.10 (although prices are rising)? We have received and are glad to publish this reflection from Davide Cobelli, head roaster at Garage Coffee Bros. and Italian Roasting Champion 2020, who has recently opened his first flagship store in Verona under the name of the roastery’s brand.

“A little less than a month after the opening of our Flagship Store, we are proud to have been able to set the tone through the message that quality and sustainability should be paid for the right price.

We have been clear from the beginning, this is a sustainable coffee: we pay attention to every step of the coffee, this means not only knowing the entire supply chain, but also roasting with very low environmental impact.

From high-quality coffee beans you can get a great result, but to have a great cup of espresso coffee the raw material is not enough

We tell our story, trying to make our customers part of our world, we want to make them fall in love with the specialty world as we are.”

Davide Cobelli talks about this busines:

“Everything starts when we realize that transparency is always the best idea. We don’t pretend to teach our clients, we want to confront each of them.

On the one hand we have our proposal of quality and respect for the supply chain, and on the other hand we find curious and sometimes hesitant customers.

We make a silent pact with anyone who comes in, they will find the highest quality from us. We don’t force anyone to drink sour or sugar-free coffee, we simply recommend what we believe is the best way to appreciate high-quality coffee.”

“All of this has a value, not only ethically but also monetarily. One Espresso starts from 2€ at Garage Coffee Bros. – Flagship Store, our Customers know this; in fact, they always come back satisfied.”

In Italy we say “we don’t want to leave you with a bitter taste” when it only means that we only want to make it clear to our new client that coming to us is worth it!

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