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Cropster launches shipsbeans, a simple solution to get your coffee online now


MILAN – Cropster, a company headquartered in Austria, which develops software solutions for coffee, has announced shipsbeans.com, a free online shop for customers to be able to sell coffee through an immediate and intuitive e-commerce platform.

shipsbeans.com can easily be added to a website, social media page, sent to customers via email or added to social media posts.

As the company explains: “We named it shipsbeans.com to help your customers focus on your business. Each shop stands on its own as yourbusiness.shipsbeans.com. So your customers understand you are online and ready to deliver.”

What does shipsbeans.com include?

  • Everything you need to sell online. Your shop description and overview where you can list all your coffees with pictures and prices, etc.
  • A product detail page to outline the most common information about your coffees like: Name, origin, farm, weight, etc.
  • A shopping cart for people to pull together an order
  • A checkout that takes credit card details, confirms them and sends you the orders
  • An order overview page, so you can review orders if needed
  • Custom legal pages (terms vary depending on where you are so you can change these as needed). They include: a terms of Service, a GDPR notice & a base legal notice for accessing your online shop

The initiative will launch in English. Like Cropster it will be made available in multiple languages based on demand.

Shipsbeans is launched for Cropster customers to the start due to some technical and legal challenges. If you’re interested in shipsbeans.com but not a customer, fill out this form to learn more.