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Bristot sends coffee to support and thank those on the front line against Covid-19

Bristot – Procaffè SpA sends coffee to support those on the front line of the fight against COVID-19

BELLUNO – Right now, we all need to work together, act responsibly and use all of the resources at our disposal in the fight against COVID-19. The last few weeks have been tough, but some comfort can be found in the numerous efforts by individuals, associations and companies to show support and solidarity for doctors, nurses and everyone else who is out there on the front line.

Stemming from a sense of pride and ethical responsibility, these initiatives also help to show that our thoughts are with the countless patients who are fighting for their lives against a mystifying virus.

Bristot, which has been roasting coffee in the Belluno area ever since 1919, has decided to make a contribution based on the cornerstones of its corporate mission: coffee and the associated values.

Times are hard for everyone, but Bristot wants to play its part by showing huge gratitude to all those who are on the front line of the public health emergency.

The Belluno-based roasting company wants to give health workers the chance to take a well-earned break with a cup of delicious coffee that will give them an invaluable burst of energy, so it has donated seven coffee machines and 7,000 capsules to the hospitals in Belluno, Pieve di Cadore, Feltre, Agordo and Pavia.

The items were prepared and then handed over to Carlo Zanella (the Head of the Regional Civil Protection Department) and Roberto Padrin (the President of the Province). Meanwhile, Doctors D. Carnevale and L. Liguori accepted a donation of an additional three machines and 3,000 capsules on behalf of San Matteo hospital in Pavia.

Bristot hopes that its contribution will warm the hearts of those who are battling to save and protect us all against COVID-19.