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Crimson Cup roasts new crop of Ethiopia Biftu Gudina Coffee

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COLUMBUS, Ohio, USA – Columbus coffee roaster Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea is introducing a new crop of Ethiopia Biftu Gudina craft coffee from the Biftu Gudina cooperative in Agaro. Biftu Gudina sits in a densely forested area of Western Ethiopia. Heirloom coffees, with some scattered native varieties, grow about 5,900 to 7,000 feet above sea level.

“The microclimate in this area is really special, with a 15- to 20-degree difference in a 10-mile radius,” said Sustainability Director Brandon Bir. “This microclimate and cool air allow the coffee to mature more slowly, producing deep floral notes in most coffees coming out of this area.”

Given an American roast by Crimson Cup, Ethiopia Biftu Gudina yields a sweet, juicy and complex cup, with tasting notes of Earl Grey tea, black tea and red apple.

The roaster’s first interaction with the cooperative was in 2015, when Ethiopia Biftu Gudina was one of three coffees supporting Crimson Cup’s 2016 Macro Roaster of the Year Award from Roast magazine.

The following year, Bir led a team to visit Biftu Gudina in Agaro, about four hours from Jimma, the largest city in southwestern Oromia Region, Ethiopia.

“The manager of the co-op pointed out news clippings hanging on his wall that resulted from Crimson Cup press releases,” Bir recalled. “He thanked us for the attention we’ve brought to the co-op’s coffee and said he considered us partners, which is our goal in forming farmer relationships.”


Crimson Cup sourced Ethiopia Biftu Gudina as part of its Focus on Good.™ The roaster creates positive change through its products and relationships around the world, inspiring coffee lovers to help make a meaningful impact with every cup.

Bir recommends brewing American-roasted Ethiopia Biftu Gudina craft coffee with a Hario v60 brewer using 25 grams of finely ground coffee to 400 grams of water, including 40 grams of bloom water.

Ethiopia Biftu Gudina craft coffee is available on the Crimson Cup website and at Crimson Cup Coffee Houses in Columbus, Tallmadge and West Chester, Ohio. Order for pickup through the Crimson Cup App.


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