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Count down to the 18th Cibus International Food Exhibition

On the 9th of May in Parma, the world’s most famous Italian food fair will open its doors - All of the biggest Italian food companies will exhibit - New products from traditional as well as emerging sectors - The biggest buyers from all continents expected to attend

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TME - Cialdy Evo

PARMA, Italy – An unprecedented number of the largest Italian food companies have signed up for the 18th Cibus exhibition, a showcase uniting the traditional sectors and new trends within the food and beverage industry.

Cibus 2016, the international food exhibition brought to you by Fiere di Parma and Federalimentare, will run from 9th-12th May in Parma.

La Cimbali

All sectors of the food industry will be represented: fresh and cured meats, cheese and dairy products, both fresh and frozen prepared foods, pasta, preserves, condiments, confectionary and baked goods, readyprepared fresh salads, typical and regional produce and much more.

Vegetarian and vegan products will also have a big presence at the exhibition (they have
created a sector signpost “VEG” for the stands in these categories), along with products
that are organic, low fat, low salt, gluten-free etc.


“Cibus 2016 is confirmed as the best known and most important food fair in Italy and the
world – says Elda Ghiretti, Cibus Brand Manager – So far, food companies are signing
up in high numbers and with great enthusiasm.

They recognise Cibus as a platform that reflects the current market, with its demand for both innovation and authentic tradition. The 6-month experience of exhibiting at Expo in the “Cibus è Italia” pavilion, welcoming hundreds of foreign buyers, is also an advantage”.

There are four arenas of interest for this year’s events and news: Special Sections,
Conferences & Workshops, the Incoming programme and Events in the City.

The special sections and latest products will be housed in Fiere di Parma’s pavilion 7, a reconstruction of the CIBUSèITALIA pavilion from EXPO, now also renovated with a new West entrance.

The special sections will feature a new Halal/Kosher area displaying Made in Italy products
that are certified Halal and Kosher.

Seafood EXPO is another new area for our exhibitors from the seafood sector: visitors will
not only discover their products, but also have the opportunity to interact and participate in related educational events within the specific area workshop.

The 18th fair will also shine a light on retail, hosting a conference on distributer brand and
its role in developing Italian exports.

The theme of retail will be further explored in a workshop area within pavilion 7, which will host afternoon sessions on analysing product shelving in foreign stores and how Made in Italy products are presented in their main target markets.

The Incoming programme for international buyers and importers, organised in collaboration with ICE/Italian Trade Commission, always plays a key role in the Cibus

This year, it is boosted by an investment of 2 million euro, allocated as part of the move to promote and sustain Italian food and agriculture using the distinctive “The Extraordinary Italian Taste” hallmark.

A supplementary structured programme is laid on for Incoming guests to the exhibition,
including a retail tour, gala dinner, and post-show tour of some local food production

The Incoming events are reinforced by a busy international roadshow schedule, bringing the Cibus team into contact with San Francisco sector professionals in January at the Winter Fancy Food Show, followed by the Dubai Gulfood show in February and the Tokyo Foodex show in March.

International Italian cookery school ALMA have also confirmed their attendance, bringing
with them the Alma Caseus award for producers and professionals in the dairy sector, as
well as the MicroMalto stand in collaboration with Birra Nostra, which will showcase the
best of Italy’s artisan beers.

Ways to develop the out-of-home dining industry segment will be explored in a conference on the trends occurring within organised, collective and commercial market supply.

The event will involve managers of out-of-home chains as well as the NPD group, retail leaders in providing data on situation and behaviour analysis as well as consumer trends in out-of home dining.

Staying with conferences, the Università degli Studi di Parma and Nielsen’s event on
promotional leverage in collaboration with Fiere di Parma, returns to Cibus this year.

The conference will focus on the latest sales promotion trends and potential ways out of
promotional price saturation for the industry and distribution.

Cibus 2016 welcomes the return of Federalimentare’s Ecotrophelia award for innovation
and sustainability in food products, aimed at graduates from Italian universities heading for the food industry.

Federalimentare will also be presenting a series of seminars on research, innovation and development programmes, as well as a school and company Workshop.

Fuori Salone will also be back for Cibus 2016, offering an expanded program of events for
Parma’s streets and squares, with “CIBUS IN FABULA”, fresh from EXPO, transforming
the evocative San Tiburzio church with an installation of GENERATIVE ART from Felice Limosani – “IL PIATTO DEL GIORNO” – and staging a display at the Ospedale Vecchio in
central Parma.

Furthermore, “I Love Italian Food” has confirmed its participation, promoting Made in Italy
food and agricultural production within its own network of international food bloggers,
involving them directly and inviting them to follow the latest news and developments on
this year’s exhibition.


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